Jordan: An Open Theatre for All Spoiling Actors?

[22-10-2013 10:42 AM]

By Madeleine Mezagopian

The year and during the few months preceding Jordan's unprecedented undermining of its security and stability with suicide bombings resulting in human costs and foremost shaking Jordan's image as a safe haven, a veteran politician expressed to this author his worries over the loose system of monitoring Jordan's borders, visitors and new residents and possible outcomes.

Unwelcome visitors of Jordan are usually in disguise, whether as helpless refugees whose few luggage contain hatred, violence and ruthless extremism, so called promoters of democracy and human rights, investors, caring diplomats or with novel approach of advocating and disseminating love and compassion.

Jordan continues to rejoice attracting conferences and seminars and different NGOs testing and promoting their new ideas if not schemes amid all the local and regional turmoil and amid its citizens' anger and dissatisfaction. Turmoil which proved not to be immune of foreign infiltrators, who contribute in unsettling local societies either unconsciously, intended or even based on ignorance and cooperation with wrong partners through instigating animosity for other cultures and systems within or outside these societies.

Do democracy and human rights warrant a government allowing spoiling actors under different umbrellas or in different uniforms adopting Jordan as an open theatre to further undermine its stability and security? Do democracy and human rights justify loose if not no pre and post follow up by the Jordanian concerned authorities of conferences, seminars and workshops, etc which are specially mushrooming in concurrent with increased Syrian refugees with its different components in Jordan?

Are the Jordanian relevant authorities and personalities purely motivated by humanitarian concerns rather materialistic benefits to the extent they jeopardize Jordan's stability and security and put aside the interest of its own citizens through overlooking foreign demagogues who instead of reducing traumas of refugees are creating new traumas enhanced by hatred and rejection of other cultures? And foremost foreign actors and local authorities placing all the Syrian visitors in the same humanitarian pot dismissing the relevance of some of these so called refugees belonging to the terrorist gangs that seek authority, power and wealth at any expense inside and outside their place of origin, overlooking the need by the Jordanian authorities to reconsider the adopted modus operandi?

Last but not least, has Jordan become a failed state or a state with no sense of true loyal citizenship among its decision makers through transforming Jordan into an open theatre for all different types of spoiling actors?

Madeleine Mezagopian
Academic Researcher, Adviser and Analyst
Conflict Resolution/Peace and
Socioeconomic and Political Development

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