• Ammon News is a serious effort to build an alternative media outlet that gives a voice to the "silent majority" by allowing readers to obtain the news and to publicly post their reactions to local, regional and global developments in real time. It is an outlet for those who wish to express their opinions and become part of the decision-making process in their country, while adhering to professional ethics and conduct of fair and objective journalism.

    With the launch of the English site of Ammon News, non-Arabic readers now also have the opportunity to engage in this interactive media forum and to make their views and reactions public. The English site contains translations of the news items posted on the Arabic site, as well as news, press releases, and opinion articles related to developments in Jordan and the region. The goal is to provide non-Arab audiences with a real, everyday perspective on the Jordanian and Arab "street," one that is void of interpretation and stereotype. The need to bridge understanding between the East and the West has never been greater and we hope that Ammon News can contribute to this mission.