Flawed, Futile, and Fatal

[01-10-2013 01:07 PM]

Jafar M Ramini

In business as in life the best outcome that could be hoped for in any deal is when the two parties leave the negotiating table satisfied. Don’t you agree?

Not, it would seem when the business at hand is dirty politics and the major player is Zionism. What I am alluding to here is the on-going pretence on the part of the Zionist, racist, occupiers of our land that they are willing to play ‘nice’ and the gullibility of our representatives in believing them.

We have just passed the 20th anniversary of the lamented and totally flawed Oslo Accord. Many people, including myself, were against it at the time and still are against it. Any accommodation with those who stole our land and forcibly kicked us out, replacing us with so-called ‘returnees’ is difficult to stomach.

What we are talking about here is that the Palestinians as a whole have been dealt a very raw deal, by the major powers, by our supposed Arab brothers and most importantly and fatally by the people who seized control of our just cause and destiny, the PLO.

The late Yasser Arafat would have done us all a favour if he had kept the gun in his hand and not brandished the olive branch. The Zionists who committed all these atrocities against us for the best part of 100 years and still treat us, the Palestinians, as mere cockroaches to be crushed underfoot cannot be trusted to make peace in any shape or form. Their prime objective was, and still is, the total theft of the entire landmass of Palestine, preferably with no Palestinians left in it.

Be that as it may, Yasser Arafat did sign the Oslo Agreement and also the economic agreement in Paris, which left us totally at the mercy of the Israeli occupation. Did I say ‘mercy’? The word does not exist in the Zionist vocabulary.

To illustrate just how flawed the Oslo Agreement was, let’s look at what followed.

* Israel has divided the occupied Palestinian lands into administrative areas known as A, B and C. They control every aspect of Palestinian daily life (if you can call it that) from taxes, movement, water, energy, health, education, housing - whatever it is, you must have a permit from the Israeli occupying forces, even to breathe the air around you. And these permits are never forthcoming.

* No attention was given to the illegal Jewish settlements on the occupied Palestinian territories. That negligence and lack of attention to detail has lead us to where we are today. A feverish escalation of illegal settlement building which has resulted in an increase of settlers from a mere 150,000 scattered all over the land to almost 650,000 today

*The check points and the outposts quadrupled and the settlers became more aggressive and inhumane not only to the people of Palestine, but to the land itself.

*As if that wasn’t enough, a separation wall that crosses the heart of our land was erected from one end of Palestine to the other, dissecting families and farms and making the lives of ordinary Palestinians even more miserable than before.

*Instead of releasing all political prisoners who were in Israeli jails before 1993, as per the agreement, the number of prisoners has reached record levels of over 7000, including hundreds of under-age children, women and the elderly.

*Land confiscation, burning down of orchards, destruction of water wells, demolishing of houses, wiping out of whole communities, like the Bedouins of the Negev Desert and the inhabitants of the Jordan Valley and felling of ancient olive trees have all been on the increase. It would not be an exaggeration to say these brutal activities are a daily occurrence.

*The settlers, heavily armed and supported by the Israeli Occupation Forces march in and out of any Palestinian city, town or village at will. Who is going to stop them? The PA Security Services are too busy policing our people instead of protecting them.

*The desecration of Holy Places, both Christian and Muslim with what is known as ‘ price-tag attacks’ by the settlers are on the increase.

*In recent years, the most holy of Muslim shrines have been violated and invaded by the extremist settlers on many occasions. Al Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron and Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem have been closed to Muslim worshippers, only to be opened to extremist settlers under the heavily armed protection and patronage of the Israeli Occupation Forces.

*Some members of the current Israeli Government have openly called for the demolition of Al Aqsa Mosque to allow them to build a Jewish Temple in its stead. The work that the Occupation Forces are undertaking in the area of the Western Wall, also known as The Wailing Wall, is threatening the very foundations of Haram Al-Sharif, which the Zionists call The Temple Mount.

*Jerusalem has been systematically changed into a Jewish city, from every aspect, including school curriculums and demographics.

*Gaza, as we all know, has been sealed from land, sea and air and transformed into the largest open-air prison in the world, depriving the 2 million inhabitants of Gaza from the very basic elements of human existence. The siege is total and since a couple of months ago the new administration in Egypt has locked the gates and thrown away the key.

*The division between the Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas has widened and looks increasingly irreparable, making the life of Palestinians on both sides of the divide unbearable.

*The persecution of the Palestinians at the hands of both the heavily armed settlers and the Israeli Occupation Forces continues apace. Every day we hear of more arrests, imprisonment without charge or trial, torture and abuse of all human rights.

*The most recent and most obscene act has been the deployment of sewage tanks spraying the homes of our people in villages around Jerusalem, namely Abu Dis and Aizerya with raw sewage.

All of the above and more is still going on while they pretend to talk peace. This is the ultimate exercise in futility.

The fatal blow to any Palestinian aspiration to free our ancestral home from the clutches of the Zionists is the choice of the arbiter in this charade. Namely, the United States of America, represented by Mr. Martin Indyk, an avowed Zionist, and over-seen, on behalf of the quartet, by the war criminal Mr. Tony Blair. How could the USA be an honest broker to any deal that concerns the Zionists? They take their orders from Tel Aviv and Wall Street. For, my friends, they are occupied too.

If you think I’m being fanciful please sit down, relax and have a look at this video.

click here 

We Palestinians know deep in our hearts that the Arabs have long since given up on us and are totally under the influence of our enemies. After all, most of them were invented and supported and are still maintained by our enemies.

Bearing all this in mind, please read what HM King Abdullah II of Jordan had to say in an article in The World Policy Journal on 23rd September 2013. Though His Majesty was, in the main, talking about the situation in Jordan, Palestine has to get a mention.

“The core importance is ending the Palestinian-Israeli conflict—the central crisis of our region, and a burning torch for extremism in our region and beyond. Jordan has long taken a lead for a two-state settlement, supported by the Arab Peace Initiative, creating a viable and independent Palestinian State on Palestinian national soil that will end an occupation that has crossed 46 years, and providing Israel with the real security that only peace can guarantee. The resumption of talks last July was a testament to what can be accomplished with U.S. leadership, backed by regional and wide international support. The process is certain to be rocky, but the alternatives are, quite frankly, unthinkable. The region, and the world, will be immeasurably more secure with peace.”

Your Majesty, please believe me when I say that the last thing the Zionists across the river have in mind is peace. It doesn’t pay. As I am sure you have not forgotten, they consider your own kingdom as part of the Greater Israel. I have been told on many occasions by unabashed Zionists that in their view they gifted your ancestors the land east of the river from the kindness of their hearts. They are still thinking of Jordan as the Palestinians’ alternative homeland.

The two-state solution is dead and buried. You only have to read and listen to some of the Israeli serving ministers, like Uri Ariel, Minister of Housing, Danny Danon, Deputy Minister of Defence and Naftali Bennett, Minister of the Economy to see that not even the Israelis are bothering to pretend any longer. In fact, Mr. Danon has publicly said that a two-state solution would not be in Israel’s interest and has called for a cancellation of the Oslo Agreement, saying “the Israeli Government must put an end to this foolishness immediately”

For once I agree with Mr. Danny Danon. Their avarice and ambition have no limit.

Which brings me now to the Palestinian leadership. Abu Mazen, haven’t you yet realized that there can never be a satisfactory deal with the occupiers of our land? As Mr. Danon has clearly indicated they want it all, lock, stock and barrel. That is what Zionism means. All these negotiations are just a show. Smoke and mirrors, if you like.

My compatriots, no-one is coming to our rescue, not even our own leaders. If we are to stand any chance of regaining our lost lands we must take destiny into our own hands and declare a third intifada. Not only against the occupation but also against division and betrayal. Time for civil disobedience on all fronts and to boycott any dealings with Israel. I know you’ve suffered enough. I know that you have endured and continue to endure humiliation and pain at the hands of the apartheid occupation but freedom comes at a price.

“When injustice becomes law rebellion becomes a duty.” –Thomas Jefferson.

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