Obama and his Arab Allies: Attending to the needs of World Peace and Security or of the American Military Industry?

[07-09-2013 01:58 AM]

By Madeleine Mezagopian

Once listening to Obama's declarations rather than the press conference in Saint Petersburg, one cannot but wonder if Obama and his team have in mind the same war in Syria as the one going on in reality and whether they identify with number of relevant realities.

Obama: We are the strongest nation on earth.
What makes USA the strongest nation? It's strongest economy? Are USA's debts the lowest on earth? Is the USA's unemployment rate the lowest on earth? Is USA's economic growth rated the highest on earth? Is USA's poverty rate the lowest on earth? Or a status merely derived from military strength?

Obama: They expect us to react.

Who precisely expect from US to react and launch a strike? The countries most representing the globe demographically if not economically, South Africa, India, Brazil, Argentine, China, Russia, inter alia, who oppose military attack on Syria?

Obama: Bashar system's use of chemical weapons threatens world peace and security.
Why no evidences exhibited on such usages hitherto? Is Assad the only actor amid the mutli-faceted by-proxy war in Syria? Extremists do not exist in Syria? Extremists don't have access to chemical weapons with all the generosity and facilities including finance and training provided by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and USA itself? Who is more threat to global security? Syrian system or the extremists with recent history already presenting several evidences of these extremists threatening societies world-wide?

Obama: Bashar's system gazed 400 children.

Statement supported by credible and objective proofs? Didn't extremists slaughter thousands of adults and children all over Syria since the eruption of the proxy-war in Syria? Extremists were not slaughtering Christians and destroying Christian worship places in Syria at the time of Obama's preach on justice and countering evil and overlooking the existence of such actors and such atrocities?

Obama: I resort to congress for our decision to be more effective and stronger.

Isn't the support of any decision by any parliament meant to make such decisions more democratic rather than stronger? Or strength rather than democracy what counts in USA and for USA politicians?

Obama: USA has ethical role and responsibility to act.

USA or United Nations is mandated to maintain global peace and Security? USA's ethical role and responsibility is to save the world or to save and revive the American military industry, even at the expense of the annihilation of another Arab State and people?

Obama: Salvaging London during WWII and reference to developments in former Yugoslavia as good examples to act in Syria.
USA saved old allies and gained new ones serving self interests or serving others' interests altruistically?

Last but not least, did Obama succeed in convincing the audience of the need to make another war to bring about global peace? Or further conveyed his own confusion amid a prearranged conference with selective questions and journalists, mostly Americans, aimed to prevent embarrassing Obama with questions which might corner Obama and exhibit the fragility of Obama's arguments? Eventually revealing the truth eclipsed by American determination to stick to its abating global status as the only global actor through creating and seizing yet another opportunity to enhance and consolidate its military strength with the money of Arab Dictators who continue to feed the American military industry instead of feeding the millions hungry mouths of the Arab Nation?

* Madeleine Mezagopian is an academic researcher, adviser, and analyst in the field of conflict resolution, peace, and socioeconomic and political development. She contributed this article to Ammon News English.

Amman, September 6, 2013

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