Follow the Money and Shame

[25-08-2013 01:41 AM]

By Abdulillah

As I sat to draft commentary I wanted to be smart and tell you that what we see today in the Middle East can be traced back to money and power, and why what we see cannot be changed very easily by just implementing some democratic form of representation.

I wanted to tell you that the United States will never pull their funding to the Egyptian Army or for that matter anyone that is not beholden to them because the 2 billion dollars received annually that they get every year since the 1979 Peace treaty with Israel is really money that is directly related to military aide. Where US companies get the money directly from the US treasury for supplying the Egyptian army with weapons, chosen for them by others. Like the F-16 fighter jets that cost approximately 12 million dollars each and the M1 Abrams tank a little over 6.2 million dollars each and other weaponry that cost a lot.

I wanted to tell you that the US military industrial complex as well as those on the other side that oppose it, and those others that are attached to them must be fed somehow. I wanted to tell you as well that many of the specialty weapons and sophisticated equipment that go into these death machines are actually made in Israel and other US allies or the Russians and Chinese with large military industries and other war profiteers.

I also wanted to let you know that without the Suez canal as the main conduit for oil shipments to Europe, and the need to keep it open to tankers carrying this cargo and military fleets using it for quick navigation and maneuverability, all in the effort to keep in power, was never going to make it easy for these nations who want to profit from this to let things go where they no longer control.

Even to be smarter, I wanted to point out that opposing sides are doing the same thing and why some leaders of Middle East nations undergoing turmoil today are supported while others are not, and who is supporting who and why. Moreover I wanted to tell you why other nations are are not being supported and allowed to continue in a downward spiral without much difference to anyone such as Somalia and other African nations.

I wanted to also remind you all that where you have these extremely obscene amounts of money tied to this and other political ambitions by others in the area, all to keep themselves in power, corruption soon follows, and that one cannot forget the sayings of old that, Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

But after reading and seeing the horrific news lately I am ashamed; yes I am ashamed because I seemed to forget what actually brought me to writing commentary in the first place. That this on-line venue represents “The voice of the silent majority”, and here I was avoiding what was taking place around me, and the love of my people and humanity, and to not sit silently without saying something about the injustices around me.

I am ashamed of how our leaders have sat silently while massacres of people, women and children are taking place and not one of them has the guts to stand up and say “ENOUGH” in a very vociferous manner.

I am ashamed of the Arab “League” or should I say Arab “Fatigue”, because there is no league, but fatigued men who sit around worried about what they believe is their divine right to lord over us counting their gold or using it for no good like greedy Midas’s.

Or they and those who have no problem issuing edicts that supply instruments of destruction to those they see on their side and withhold aide to others who they do not out of fear of losing what they never really owned in the first place. Do they not visit the graveyards of those that have fallen before them? Do they not remember of how they were put in the ground without anything but their deeds to be judged by the Lord of all creation? Or has their earthly greed taken them to a place that they cannot recognize the sins they have wrought, such that they can redeem themselves? Alas; they and the Lord of the universe are the only ones that can answer these questions.

I am ashamed of my people; yes those who call themselves Arabs for letting ourselves to be used in a way that makes us complicit with those who want earthly power. Where we bomb our mosques, churches and temples and burn our holy books, keeping those who want only to worship the Lord of the Universe in fear of doing so. Are we not ashamed that we have become what our prophets have always told us NOT to be; those who love the earth and evil more than we love each other and the here-after?

I ashamed of myself for being self-absorbed and narcissistic to where I see only what benefits me, and shrug off the screaming of the children as they are killed by weapons that should never exist on the face of the earth. Or how those who manufacture and profit from these and other weapons of mass destruction forget that taking a human life without reason is a very sinful act that will take them to eternal damnation.

Do they not see in the eyes of their children or grandchildren or in the eyes of those they put to death? Do they not fear the day they have to stand alone without their money and power to be judged, or are they the sin-eaters?

I am ashamed of myself and countrymen for always writing and reminding everyone in earshot of how much it takes from our poor resources to take care of our neighbors in need. Do we not know that they hear, see or read too and it is hurtful to their dignity? That few if anyone ever wants to come to another for aide, just to beg for a meal or a place to stay, and that they are fully aware of the burden that they impose on us and only want to go back to their homes and lively hoods in safety.

Do we really have to continue to remind those of us whom call ourselves Arabs that we are in need of some assistance, especially those who are buying the weapons of destruction from the military complexes of the West? Can they not spare a few F-16 and M1 tank costs and use the savings to help us take care of them? Or do we need more of these weapons to use against our own, or to defend against those who usurp land that is not theirs unjustly or build apartheid walls? Do we not know that the wicked and unjust always implode, and that we must take care of each other first because we can also implode from inhumanity towards each other, and that we are doing just that by the way things are going? That all it will take is a loud collective cry from the downtrodden to bring even the mightiest of built walls, just like walls of Jericho before.

Do our leaders and people not know that without legitimacy it matters not if we have democracy, theocracy, kingdoms, republics or any other political leadership? That unless we put first each other before anything it will not matter how many marches we hold, or demands that we make or what we choose as our government.

That the best person or people to lead are those that at first eschew the position, not because they fear service but something greater than themselves, and are the most compassionate of us towards those in need, patient with those who want to excoriate them for their mistakes, and shred their clothes in heartbreak and sorrow when they see horrific acts like those we witnessed a few days ago, and who only want to use the power and legitimacy given to them by their people for rectifying this wrong and injustice.

My fellow brothers and sisters it is time to be fully committed, for those who are committed always win. It’s time we stand on our rooftops and with one loud cry say “Enough”; Enough of the killing, enough of the greed, enough of the corruption and inhumanity, enough of the apartheid and enough to injustice, for we of all people are fully aware that there is Allah/God in Heaven, He sits on his throne and He is keeping record of what we do, and that the devil is a liar.

God Bless Jordan and its People

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