Egypt: A Revolution Ongoing

[04-07-2013 03:29 PM]

By Barik Mahadin

From the Jasmine Revolution, to the fall of the Egyptian Pharaoh, to the disintegrated Yemen, sweeping across by the fragmented Libya, on to the bloody struggle of Syria; the Arab Awakening has dropped the last fig leaf of tolerability. People of the Arab World are no longer accepting injustice, oppression or tyranny. As such, in the case of Egypt, deciding on its first democratically elected president proved rather insufficient and meager to its democratic transition; A year after electing President Morsi, the revolutionary wave of demonstrations and riots seems eagerly unstoppable.

All throughout the region, people have welcomed this popular movement to instill democracy and embrace change, that is when the winds of democracy curved loftily after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it has stopped on the borders of our region, and it could not seem to break through. As a result, the spark first ignited by Bouazizi came to be enough of a catalyst for history to take a radical turn and give our people what they deserve, utterly boundlessly.

Within this context, Egypt has always played an enormous role in the Arab World. Shaping its political order by serving as a paragon of nationalism, of purpose and of respect. A year into its glorious revolution, Egypt today is shaking lands in emotions and rocking its soil in anger, millions of people are taking off to the streets with unprecedented slogans and cries; cheers that have never been heard since January 25th of 2011.

Amidst all this anger, it still seems unclear for the President and his Cabinet what slogans like "Down with the Regime" or "Leave..Leave" actually means. Perhaps, the elected President has forgotten that his victory over his opponent was in the slightest difference; the President nor his party -The Muslim Brotherhood- were able to read through the connotations and signals of such a pitiful triumph. Instead, they embarked on festering the sore by suzerainty over the pillars and the institutions of the Egyptian State to only serve their interests; best manifested in the constitutional amendments through which Egypt became the of only One Man.

To those who have been closely watching the scene in Egypt, it could not be more obvious that the Armed Forces would not leave the country to ruin, and it should have been crystal clear that the Armed Forces will stifle any initiative to drag the country beyond its already boiling point. The 48-hours ultimatum issued by the Armed Forces is daring and critical; it sends notable signals to all players in this crisis, particularly the President and his party, that the Army is as ever determined to bow to the people's legitimate demand for freedom and bestow on the land of the Nile what it really deserves: dignity.

Time is passing. Wisdom, understanding and agreement is in dire need. The President, his Cabinet, and the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood ought to realize that stopping this flood of rightful demands, this call for a dignified life and this historic moment of change is of complete illusion. Tahrir Square is witnessing, yet again, another unequivocal molding of a robust Egyptian venerable identity.

Now, would the President take the initiative of stepping down or turning in his resignation? Or, would he wait to be turned down by the Armed Forces? As for the people, they have already dismissed him right through Tahrir Square. The few coming hours should be determining for Egypt. The discourse of events in Egypt should cue to the Muslim Brotherhood Party in the region to reconsider their beliefs, practices and roles, as well as to question whether the people are any accepting or welcoming of them taking political posts or roles.

The revolution in Egypt has been forging within the crucible of peace and nonviolence, as such, Egyptians will continue to pledge fealty to Egypt only, and the revolution will go as far as Egypt has stood historically, perennially inspirational.

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