Hamas: Stay out of Jordan

30-10-2011 12:00 AM

Bu Ranman
There is no other country in which its stability and well-being is linked directly to whether or not a Palestinian state becomes a reality than Jordan. A weak, unstable, dysfunctional and threatened Jordan will guarantee a Palestinian state will never see the light of the day. On the other hand, Strong, stable, prosperous and politically distinct Jordan, is the surest way for Palestinians to have any hope for liberating Palestine. Jordan must stay unique in its identity and in its political independence.

His majesty the King of Jordan has been very supportive of the Palestinian cause. When His Majesty said lately that he believes Israel is not interested in two state solution; we must read a lot more into this than what he is letting on. His clear interpretations of the intentions of the criminal Zionist government are very worrying to say the least. His Majesty is being diplomatic and is using measured language. But make no mistake we clearly understand and can read what is between the lines.

His Majesty is worried- and rightly so- that Jordan existence and well-being is in the crosshairs of the criminal Zionists government and their traditional packers in the west. Hamas is just one more thing being used to accomplish their criminal intentions and designs regarding Jordan and Palestine.

Hamas is being ejected from Syria and it’s also being rejected and denied a foothold by other countries in the region. Because of that, Jordan and its leadership are at the receiving end of very vicious arm twisting, threatening and blackmailing by the U.S. and some corrupt Arab governments to force it to host HAMAS on its territory.

I am extremely opposed to any Palestinian political presence in Jordan under any name. Just as much, I am also opposing any political meddling-if there is any- by Jordan in Palestine. Giving our special relationship, all this can be changed once we, the Palestinians, liberate Palestine. Until then, Jordan must be protected from the sick designs of the Zionists and their sponsors who are hell bent on turning Jordan into a battle ground for Palestinian factions and their backers. In Hamas case its Hezbollah and Iran who will end up getting a foothold In Jordan. In the PA case, it’s ironically, Israel and the US which already have a foothold in Jordan.

For Jordan it will be the worst political and strategic mistake to allow Hamas to settle in Jordan. It will lead to a disaster it might not recover from. Jordan leadership must not let this happen at any price. If Jordan’s Leadership hesitates or shows any weakness regarding this issue, the people of Jordan must make their opposition loud and clear. The Jordanians must not allow the government to make such great mistake. Not when Jordan’s existence itself is at stake.

The Jordanian leadership must not make personal and emotional decisions regarding its long term strategic interests and planning. These decisions must be made in the head not in the heart. These existential decisions must be made with the people’s clear consent and not in a dark back alley.

My fellow Jordanians, you have your own issues and challenges to deal with and sort out. Why are you allowing yourself to be put at the risk of losing your own country? Allowing Hamas in Jordan will do great damage and harm to your country.

This has nothing to do with Hamas Ideology or their political views, I could not carless. It’s more about the embarrassing display –in our name- of the showmanship and dirty irresponsible feud between the PA and Hamas. How embarrassing and detrimental to our cause to be asking the whole world to acknowledge us while we are represented by two entities- Hamas and the PA- that don’t even acknowledge each other.

Hamas is as guilty as the PA for allowing itself to be used by the Zionists to manage the largest concentration camp in modern history, GAZA. Hamas leadership is busy going around meddling in other countries business instead of lighting fire under the Zionists feet in Palestine. Come here if you want to liberate Palestine. It’s as simple and as complicated as that. There is no other way.

Good leaders lead by example. What kind of example the Palestinian leadership of both Hamas and the PA are showing when their compass needle pointing everywhere but Palestine? Most of the PA leadership lives and owns mansions in Amman –Jordan, paid for by Palestinian aid moneys. How is this setting a good example for the Palestinians suffering in Palestine?

Israel and the US want to punish the PA for going to the UN. At the same time they want the PA to continue to do their dirty work in Palestine- Managing the occupation- On behalf of the Zionists. When the clowns in the US congress threatened to cut aid to the PA, the criminal Netanyahu asked them not to do it. No, Netanyahu did not have an epiphany that he loves the Palestinians. Rather, he wants the money to keep supporting the corrupt PA and its officials so they can continue to do his work for him; which is suppressing the Palestinian well to rise up against the occupation. Most of that money goes into buying and maintaining outrageous life style for the PA officials in Amman and other places.

I am calling on His majesty the king and the Jordanian leadership to reject hosting Hamas in Jordan. I am calling on him to ask the PA official in Amman to either resign from any political function with the PA or move back to Palestine. Nothing good can come out of allowing Hamas and the PA fighting it out in Jordan. Only disaster and more trouble which Jordan and its people don’t need and can’t deal with at this time. Let’s put an end to it while we can. NO Hamas and no PA in Amman- Jordan.

Fellow Palestinians, for the past few decades we were deprived of a true, genuine, and capable leadership; a leadership that worked to realize our dream of recovering our rights to our homeland. Don’t support Hamas or the PA officials moving out of Palestine and setting up homes and offices in surrounding countries. We are risking making enemies of our friends and fellow Arabs. No need to go back digging up past history. We all know the huge and deadly miscalculations these Palestinians factions are guilty off. They put the already distraught Palestinian populations in the surrounding Arab countries on the defensive and on many occasions on the run. They always managed to shoot themselves in the foot. If HAMAS is forced into Jordan, I am afraid, this time Palestinians will end up shooting themselves in the Head.

Remember, the Arab spring is putting many of our fellow Arabs on edge. It won’t take too much for misunderstandings to happen and for a backlash to start. This is exactly what Israel and its sponsors are looking and planning for; Killing two birds –Jordan & Palestine- with one stone.

We need to learn from our fellow Arabs in their effort to free themselves from the clutches of tyranny. Did the Tunisian go to morocco or to Jordan to liberate Tunis? Did the Libyans and the Egyptians? Look at the Syrians and how much they are sacrificing. It’s all done from within; all liberations movements’ starts and ends inside the land which is to be liberated. Not from cross the river Jordan or anywhere else. The liberation of Palestine does not go through Amman. The liberation of Palestine must come from within Palestine itself. Long distance rhetoric and the outsourcing of the Palestinian struggle will never get us closer to our goal of liberating Palestine.

Finally, As far as millions of Palestinians are concerned, The PA and Hamas are well beyond their expiration date. It’s time for them to be dismantled and done away with. If your concern is the havoc and chaos that will result in Palestine, then let Israel the occupying power deal with it. Only then will a new, fresh and focused movement will rise and take on the challenges of liberating Palestine.

God Bless Jordan and Long Live Palestine

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