President Abbas: U.S.' use of veto at UNSC disappointing and irresponsible

20-04-2024 05:00 PM

Ammon News - President Mahmoud Abbas has slammed the United States' use of veto power at the UN Security Council to block Palestine’s pursuit of full membership in the United Nations, describing the move as disappointing, regrettable, shameful, irresponsible, and unjustified.

In an exclusive interview with WAFA, he emphasized that the US veto "constitutes a blatant aggression against the rights, history, land, and sanctities of the Palestinian people, challenging the will of the international community."

"While the world agrees on the application of international law and stands by the Palestinian right, America continues to support the occupation, refusing to compel Israel to stop its genocidal war. It provides Israel with weapons and funds that kill our children and destroy our homes, and it stands against us in international forums, in positions that do not serve security and stability in the region," the President stated.

He continued, "The United States has violated all international laws and abandoned all promises regarding the two-state solution and achieving peace in the region."

President Abbas also highlighted that "the current U.S. administration not only reneged on its promises and commitments but also allowed Israel to weaken the Palestinian National Authority by remaining silent on [Israel’s] theft of Palestinian funds, despite its repeated claims of wanting to strengthen the PA and enhance its presence."

He stressed the necessity for the United States to realize that the Middle East will not stabilize without a just solution to the Palestinian issue, emphasizing that "Jerusalem, with its Islamic and Christian sanctities, is a red line that no one can cross."

He criticized the policy of double standards and support for Israel in its aggression against the Palestinian people, stating that it will not create a reality acceptable to the Palestinian people and will not bring security and peace to anyone.

"The Palestinian cause is unbreakable, immutable, and unyielding. The sacrifices, patience, and resilience of the Palestinian people on their land, and their unbreakable will, will thwart all policies supported by America. They will not allow deals that do not serve the national interest to succeed, and all conspiracies will collapse before the reality and power of Jerusalem," the President affirmed.


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