Alkhozahe expects rise of family crimes in Jordan to 50%

[28-09-2022 12:48 PM]

Ammon News - Dr. Hussein Alkhozahe, an expert in sociology, said that family crimes of all kinds will increase at an accelerating pace during the coming period, which is now constitutes 25% of all murders in Jordan and it is expected to rise to 50%.
Dr. Alkhozahe explained to Ammon that this concussion is justified by the noticeable increase in the number of cases registered in the Sharia Courts of First Instance, the Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Sharia Court in 2021 comparing to 2022.

He noted that the number of cases reached 88258 in 2020 and it rise to 107561 to which 33968 cases were rounded up from previous years, bringing the number to 141529 cases. This rise is a very serious indication of the existence of disputes and family problems inside the Jordanian society.

the most important reasons for committing family crimes, especially murder, are the failure to resolve family disputes between spouses quickly and postpone them, which leads to the increase, deepening and rooting of disputes and insistence on committing the crime, he indicated.

He added that the absence of family dialogue between members of the same family and the absence of tolerance, patience and intolerance of opinion exacerbates the problem.

Alkhozahe said, "With great regret, one of the family members is intolerant towards the father or mother and stands by one of them. The offender feels that he is a victim that he can only respond to by killing."
He revealed that one of the most important causes of murder is the presence of 22% of Jordanian families whose heads are unemployed, stressing that unemployment and poverty are among the reasons for committing crimes to escape the inability to pay debts or pay family obligations and costs of living, which leads to committing murders.

He pointed out that members of the Jordanian society prefer not to interfere permanently with families for fear of being exposed to the judiciary or testifying in the courts or being accused of corrupting the marital bond.

He said that drug abuse inside homes is one of the causes of crimes, as 20% of drug users in Jordan use them inside their homes, and if they lose control of themselves or are exposed to pressure, it may push them to commit family crimes.

As for the solutions, he stressed that the solution is not to postpone the resolution of disputes within Jordanian families and to arm themselves with a culture of patience, tolerance, love and closeness to children and the exchange of love and sympathy between them.

And he explained that in the event that disputes persist between spouses, Ammon on one of the parties to distance themselves from the other in a reasonable manner, either through divorce, which is the most hated solution, or temporary abandonment outside the home until the same is resolved, noting that there were 20,000 cases of divorce last year in Jordan.

Alkhozahe called for the use of reason, ending family disputes away from committing crimes and resorting to murder, and dealing with family members with respect for the father, his position, and the effort offered to family members, as well as the mother, and not intolerance or retrenchment with any party at the expense of the other.

He stressed that those who pay the price for family murders in the future are primarily the surviving sons of the family, the relatives and families of the victims and the perpetrators, and the perpetrator himself, as after he wakes up from the shock, regret takes him a time when regret is useless.

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