A 10 Point Turnaround on Car Insurance

[21-06-2016 08:41 AM]

Ammon News - Getting Car insurance quotes can feel like a potholed slalom on a stormy night, but with this 10 point checklist you'll navigate the ins and outs with ease.
1 Prepare yourself. You will have some research to do, so put a little time aside and read all the options on offer. Don't be hazy and don't be lazy!
2 Be truthful and accurate when answering questions related to your loss or accident history. If there is any dispute around your background in the event of a claim, your insurance will be voided.

3 Comprehensive insurance versus third-party liability. Third-party liability is the minimum required by law and the cheapest option, but this means you are not insured except where the bad is with the other driver. A comprehensive policy covers you against your own damage, other people's - and theft, fire and natural disaster.

4 Compulsory and voluntary excess. Excess is the amount paid by you when making a claim, it's generally calculated by your history and the car's value. With voluntary excess you agree to a higher excess in return for a cheaper premium. It's a gamble though- if you do make a claim you'll pay both the voluntary and the excess - and sometimes your insurance claim won’t be accepted at all.

5 Roadside assistance. This can vary; see if they cover mechanical repairs, vehicle towing, battery boost, flat tyres, lockout, emergency fuel delivery and all GCC countries. You may not be planning a trip to Oman or Qatar right now, but that could always change.

6 Agency repair. This means your car gets repaired by the manufacturer, but it's always cheaper for the insurance company to use their own workshop, so check this out. Under comprehensive coverage, a car is usually entitled to agency repair for five years from the date of manufacture - but some only cover for the 1st 2 years.

7 Off-road travel. Off road insurance isn't something to worry about unless you've a 4x4 - and then it only covers travelling on unmarked roads. If you want to be a hoon in a dune you're looking at an extra premium and compulsory excess of Dh1,500.

8 Windscreen cover. This isn't always clear cut. Oman Insurance Company’s comprehensive insurance covers your windscreen for Dh3,000 whilst the AIG Insurance Company covers up to Dh5,000. Screen your policy thoroughly!
9 No-claims bonus. If you are coming from overseas to settle in the UAE, bring your certificate with you. If you've been accident-free for 1 year it can mean up to 40 % savings.

10 If you're buying a used car, beware! Some companies won't insure an older car at all and most don't offer comprehensive coverage once it's 10 years old. See if the current policy is transferable.

That's it - how to choose the best car insurance quote for you and your 4 wheeled friend. None of this is worth a bean, however, if you can't find it; so put your policy, roadside assistance and claims numbers in your phone and ask the provider for a sticker for your window. In the worst case scenario and you get locked out of your car in a breakdown you'll know help is arriving a.s.a.p. - which will feel p.d.g.

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