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Jordan arrests Iranians on borders with Syria~ reports

[7/14/2012 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Jordanian security forces have arrested several Iranians while trying to enter the kingdom illegally from the northern border with Syria on Wednesday evening, prompting military lock down to several parts of its northern borders, ANSA Med reported Thursday.

According the European news website, the men were arrested near three towns of Shalala, Thuneiba and Amrawa at the border after they were first seen by the army patrolling the border.

Security sources said at least were arrested and an operation to hunt down others is ongoing amid fear that the group has entered the kingdom to carry out sabotage attacks on refugees and key targets in the kingdom.

Security sources say the five men were among refugees fleeing Syria to Jordan but were recognized by the army due to their inability to speak Arabic fluently, a source told ANSA.

The source said the army cordoned area of Alal, where the Iranians were first spotted, amid fear of infiltrating Syrian security agents.

Jordan is increasingly concerned that violence in Syria will find its way its territories and intensified its border control over the past weeks. Government officials were not available for comment.

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