I wonder what the Rich Say

01-05-2015 01:37 PM

AMMONNEWS - By Abdulillah - I have often imagined what the upper crust of Jordan’s elite have to say about the country that has provided them so much wealth. Yes the rich 2% presenters whose wealth equals approximately 98% percent of the remaining people. I wonder about how they raise their kids.

Do they make them do the chores around the house, or do they have servants waiting on their beck and call? Do they live and grow up like their GCC states privileged children who refuse to work in jobs except those that offer them anything but menial work, while they ship in expatriates from other lands to serve them hand and foot, and then complain to their government that they don’t have any jobs, when few are even capable of holding them.

I wonder, what a Jordanian father and mother tell their privileged children. What do they tell them once they come back from the foreign universities where they are educated, if they come back at all, and where their parents have probably stashed and amassed large amounts of money in case of emergency in the country of their birth? Do they tell them to go get a job, or are they merely appointed one out of nepotism? Do they discourage their children from flaunting this wealth while out in public or do they encourage it? Do they ask them to give back to the country that has given their parents so much? Do they encourage them towards a more giving and philanthropic life? Do they drive them around the depressed areas of the country, and what do they tell them about making things better or if anything at all? What do they tell their sons? Do they encourage them to lend a hand to the weakest of the weak or do they allow them to look in the other direction? What do they tell their girls, do they tell them about how hard it is for another girl their age to get equal treatment and fairness? Do they allow them to marry the ones they love or are they too forced into loveless marriages where they will have little or no chance of fulfilling their dreams?

I wonder this because we seem to have forgotten this aspect of our country and our humanity.
We seem to be able to bottle and package up in non-compassionate rhetoric items that concern us. Rhetoric that extolls or vilifies our abilities in this country to grow; be itthe economics of our country, our work places in the society and even maybe some gender issues… however; rarely do we talk about what goes on inside our homes, the furnaces and incubators of our social behavior where we grow up.

We can talk about many things; such as our illustrious ministers under the dome, who still to this day cannot get themselves to work and form a quorum, such that they can pass much needed legislation. By the way, has anyone heard from anyone of these do nothings, or for that matter even seen them around their part of town, or spoken to them face to face? If so I rarely hear about them at all. I don’t see them anywhere especially at their jobs when required.

We can talk with ease about our inabilities to balance our countries economic budgets, and what kinds of energy, water and educational needs that we may require, but we always seem to fail to talk about the biggest need, and that is teaching ourselves and children about our countries poor and how to help them.

How to make it easier for them to get food on the table, or how to keep their kids in school instead of having them start working at menial jobs, in back breaking work at a young age, where they can be physically and mentally scarred for life.

I wonder, what the rich say? I wonder do they think that their blessings did not come at a cost of others hard work or misfortunes.

Can they feel the eyes of the poor watching them lounging on a nice spring afternoon sipping a $ 3.00 JD coffee and eating a nice pastry served for them by the same hands that cannot afford to eat what they are having because the cost of that meal alone will be and entire meal for his family that evening.

Do they see the old, the cripple, or physically challenged? Do they wonder as to how the man or woman in the wheel chair cannot make it into the building, or cross the street? Yes we can build these ugly pedestrian bridges across some roadways but how does a cripple person in wheel chair or even on crutches climb the stairs? Do we have handicapped spaces for them and if we do are they marked or even obeyed? I don’t have to answer many of these questions because we all know the answers.

People we may be smarter today, and even richer, but we have left behind our souls and our humanity lacking. We need to touch each other, hug each other, smile at each other, and love each other more than we love the material that we hoard and the wealth that we splurge.Once we do,there will be no stopping us as a people and country. We will win at everything.

So let’s work on this a bit more; PLEASE. Yes we do expect hard work from our elected leaders and yes we do expect them to up to work to get paid. We won’t stop harassing you until we see some improvement, because that is what we pay you to do. We understand the pay may not be to your liking but that is what the price of leadership is. It starts with sacrifice, because you’re supposed to love helping your people and country, not to be rich and wealthy, but to make things better for your children as well as you neighbors.

God Bless Jordan and its People

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