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PM lauds SSC role, calls for continuation of providing social protection for all workers

[8/11/2020 4:53:43 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister Omar Razzaz lauded the Social Security Corporation (SSC)'s efforts during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, stressing the need to continue providing social protection for all workers covered by the corporation.

"The SSC was involved with the government in dealing with the pandemic at all stages, including the rapid response, adaptation and support, reaching recovery and resilience stages," Razzaz said during a visit to the SSC headquarters on Tuesday where he met with its director general and senior staff.

"What we are witnessing today of a new package of measures that moves us from mitigating the negative effects of the pandemic to transforming this challenge into a real opportunity to expand inclusion and reach every Jordanian in this country and end the phenomenon of the regulated and unregulated sector", Razzaz added.

"We hope that we will reach a stage in which every Jordanian has a social security card, whether he is a worker or not, to be part of the umbrella of integrated protection, just as we hope that every Jordanian citizen will be covered by health insurance, which this pandemic has proven its importance to all," he said.

The prime minister confirmed that the Social Security Investment Fund deals responsibly with people's money and that its decisions are based on the fund’s policies that serve the process of investing in this public money.

He also lauded efforts of the Labor Ministry and the SSC to protect workers and preserve their rights in these difficult circumstances, and to create the right balance that helps overcome impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

Labor Minister and Chairman of the SSC Board of Directors, Nidal Bataineh, confirmed that the corporation was able to assume its role in consolidating the principle of social solidarity during the pandemic through defense orders and its contribution to consolidating the state of solidarity as one of the key pillars of the Renaissance project that His Majesty King Abdullah directed towards adopting.

SSC Director General, Hazem Rahahleh, emphasized that the corporation’s social role was enhanced at a critical stage that the Kingdom had gone through.

Rahahleh highlighted the SSC's procedures that were taken during the pandemic, which were issued under Defense Orders No. (1), (9), (14) and (15) for 2020, and included social protection programs packages for current and former social security subscribers.

He also highlighted SSC's key projects that was completed and are still under implementation in various fields.

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