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Cabinet approves 2020 domestic workers, cooks and gardeners bylaw

[6/24/2020 1:09:22 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The Cabinet on Wednesday approved the 2020 bylaw of domestic workers, cooks, gardeners and the like, addressing a number of issues pertaining to the protection of workers' rights.

In a statement, Minister of Labor Nidal Batayneh said the new legislation obliges the employer to pay the worker’s wages within seven days of the due date, after it was previously paid within an unlimited time.

The minister explained that the new bylaw provides guarantees to protect confidentiality when a worker lodges a complaint against her/ his employer with the Ministry of Labor.

"The worker's complaint is confidentially examined by the labor inspector, who can, under the new bill, obtain a judicial permission to investigate the complaint if the employer refuses to cooperate," the minister added, noting that those who violate the provisions of the Labor Law or the rights of the domestic workers will be banned from recruiting another worker for a period of time specified by the minister.

Batayneh indicated that the legislation strengthens protection for the worker against any physical or sexual violence or violations to his/her rights, by giving him/her the right to quit job and claim compensation for damages.

"Penalties will be imposed on employers who falsely file worker escape reports, or illegally provide shelter for runaway domestic workers," he added.

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