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Cooking gas agencies excluded from curfew

[3/24/2020 3:31:32 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Hala Zawati on Tuesday underlined that all cooking gas distribution agencies and vehicles in the Kingdom are excluded from the government's curfew order.

In a press statement, Zawati said that the exemption was to meet citizens' needs, underscoring that cooking gas supplies are sufficient.

She stressed that the Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company (JPRC) stations are operating at maximum capacity after raising their production levels to ensure that the needs of the Jordanian people are met.

The minister pointed out that the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission monitors the process, in addition to addressing complaints and the adherence of packing centers, gas agencies and distribution trucks to the licenses they received for this purpose.

According to JPRC, liquefied gas is sufficiently available at various sites, the minister stated, adding that ships loaded with liquefied gas are set to arrive to the Kingdom this month, which would cover local demand for a long period of time.

Demand for gas cylinders has increased over the past few days to unprecedented levels, reaching 230,000 cylinders compared to its daily average during the winter, which is normally estimated between 120,000 to 160,000 cylinders.

The Commission also announced a list of names and phone numbers of gas distribution agencies operating in various regions of the Kingdom.

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