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GAM, ACC grant JD3 million to traders affected by recent flooding in downtown

[8/17/2019 5:52:55 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The Amman Greater Municipality (GAM) and the Amman Chamber of Commerce (ACC) announced Saturday that an amount of JD3 million will be provided to shop owners to mitigate damages they suffered in downtown Amman following the flooding heavy rain that flooded downtown Amman in the winter.

The announcement was made during a press conference held Saturday by Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply, Tariq Hammouri, Amman Mayor, Yousef Shawarbeh and ACC president Khalil Al-Haj.

Shawarbeh said the GAM council took the decision based on its responsibilities towards residents, traders, industrialists and all the people in Amman, and it will refer it to the cabinet for approval, adding that shop owners in downtown Amman have suffered serious damage as a result of unprecedented rain and exceptional weather conditions.

According to Shawarbeh there is an agreement between the GAM and ACC to allocate JD3 million, two million of which is provided by GAM and the other million from the ACC, to be distributed to traders according to a certain mechanism and a memorandum of understanding between the two parties that will determine the way of distribution through dividing traders into segments according to the value and magnitude of the damage.

Trade minister expressed his appreciation to the GAM for its recent efforts to develop the capital at the service level, and efforts exerted by all parties to reach this consensus that would support the commercial sector, which constitute an engine of the national economy.

The ACC president said affected traders, amounted to 229, will be contacted as of Saturday to Thursday and their files will be processed. The files will then be submitted to the GAM for consideration within 15 days.

The process of handing over money will take 3 weeks to a month at the latest, and a legal clearance will be signed to conclude the file, the ACC president explained.

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