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Economic growth needs applicable plan, says JCC president

[6/17/2019 4:12:36 PM]

AMMONNEWS - President of Jordan Chamber of Commerce (JCC) Nael Kabariti said the economic growth in the Kingdom needs a plan, a work strategy and applicable mechanisms, notably achieving legislative stability.

In a statement issued Monday, Kabariti called on the government to conduct a study to identify impediments hampering economic growth, stressing that there are a lot economic-related regulations that are still not encouraging.

He said the most pressing issue facing the trade sector is the bureaucracy and the fear among people of the change in regulations and of not being familiar with their nature.

Kabariti proposed many solutions that may help in pushing forward the economic growth, specially limiting bureaucracy that has become a source of nuisance to many investors, developing the performance of public workers and reconsidering regulations of economic nature.

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