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King launches national effort to support gharimat

[3/22/2019 2:12:31 PM]

AMMONNEWS - His Majesty King Abdullah, in a call-in with Jordan Television’s "Yise’d Sabahak" on Friday, expressed his best wishes to the Jordanian people on the occasions of Karamah Battle anniversary and Mother’s Day.

King Abdullah saluted all Jordanian mothers on the occasion of Mother’s Day, calling for a joint national effort to support gharimat, indebted Jordanian women unable to pay back loans they had taken to support their families.

"When we talk about mothers, we talk about the patience and endless giving that Jordanian mothers exemplify. They deserve all our love and respect," His Majesty said in the phone call.

The King said Jordan is a country of solidarity, and "we must all stand with our daughters and sisters". His Majesty added that he will be the first to support a national effort to alleviate gharimat.

The King urged coordination among the government, the Central Bank of Jordan and financing institutions to overcome the difficulties facing these women and prevent their reoccurrence.

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