Jordanian MPs Urge to Expel Israeli Envoy Amid Situation in Jerusalem | Editor's Choice | Ammon News

Jordanian MPs Urge to Expel Israeli Envoy Amid Situation in Jerusalem

[2/19/2019 2:31:56 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Members of the Jordanian lower house of parliament demanded the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador from the country and the withdrawal of the Jordanian ambassador from Tel Aviv in response to Israeli actions in Jerusalem, Ammonnews reported on Tuesday.

The call followed Monday's arrest of five Palestinians after clashes with Israeli police in Jerusalem's Old City. According to media reports, the clashes took place due to the situation around Bab al-Rahma, the site inside the Golden Gate that has been closed since 2003 after Israeli authorities accused the Islamic heritage association that operated thereof links to Hamas.

According to Ammonnews, the Jordanian lawmakers condemn the actions of the Israeli authorities and residents of the Jewish settlements in relation to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, as well as employees of the holy sites.

Last week, the Jordanian government expanded the number of members in the Waqf, the Islamic body that manages the Al-Aqsa, from 11 to 18 members including by putting religious figures from the Palestinian Authority to its composition. The extraordinary move is perceived as part of Jordan's efforts to prevent any change in the religious and political status of Jerusalem, which is holy for the Muslims and the Jews.

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