PM responds to lawmakers' remarks on budget debate | Jordan News | Ammon News

PM responds to lawmakers' remarks on budget debate

[1/3/2019 5:21:03 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The government's priorities this year is to control fiscal deficit through equating domestic revenues with the running expenditures, funding high-priority projects and joint partnering with the private sector, said Prime Minister Omar Razzaz.

Responding to lawmakers' speeches on the state budget debate today, the premier touched on the start-up phase of a national project next week, in addition to enhanced education, health, transportation and infrastructure services.

"The government counts on the partnership with the national private sector for collaborative projects", Razzaz told the legislators, pointing out that their remarks mirror the harsh realities experienced by the citizens.

Lauding deputies' remarks, the prime minister said the government would work towards achieving and securing possible demands and defer other claims to the following year.

He commended the outcomes of his recent visits to Turkey and Iraq, saying they would further push forward economic and trade engagement with Jordan.

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