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PM visits Public Security, Gendarmerie Departments

[12/18/2018 5:59:42 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister Omar Razzaz said receiving the primary suspect in the "tobacco case", Awni Mutee is an achievement for His Majesty King Abdullah and security agencies.

This achievement reflects the strong will to consolidate the rule of law, achieve justice for all, uproot corruption and preserve Jordan's assets, said the prime minister during two visits to the Departments of Public Security (PSD) and Gendarmerie.

Razzaz underlined that "No one is above the law.. and we support security agencies to apply the law to all."

He added that the security agencies' role is to balance between protecting the citizens' freedom of expression through peaceful ways and preventing roads blocking and disrupting public life.

The Prime Minister hailed the civilized manner in which security agencies handled recent protests in Amman.

During a meeting with PSD director Maj. Gen. Fadel Hamoud, and senior officers the apprehending of Awni Mutee made the King and the Jordanian people happy and feel that words iare associated with actions.

He stressed that this would not have happened without the extraordinary efforts exerted by His Majesty at the highest levels and the diligent work done by the Jordanian security and diplomatic agencies.

During his meeting with Gendarmerie Department Director Maj. Gen., Hussein Hawatmeh, the prime minister stressed that the government is working to implement the directives of His Majesty the King to achieve a strong state and a strong society.

Razzaz lauded the Gendarmerie personnel efforts its personnel's methodology to deal with various circumstances.

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