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King leaves for Netherlands

[11/4/2018 3:44:43 PM]

AMMONNEWS - His Majesty King Abdullah II left Amman on Sunday in a working visit to the Netherlands to participate in an international meeting as part of the "Aqaba Meetings" to follow up on and coordinate international efforts in the war on terror.

The meetings, hosted by Netherlands and co-chaired by Jordan, tackle extremism and anti-terrorism efforts focusing mainly on European efforts.

Participants in the meetings include a number of ministers and senior security and political officials, in addition to officials and representatives from the United Nations, European Union, NATO, USA, Canada, Australia, and other international partners.

The Netherlands is the second country to host the meetings, Albania hosted it for the first time outside Jordan in June.

The Aqaba Meetings, launched by His Majesty King Abdullah in 2015, aim at enhancing security and military coordination and exchanging expertise and intelligence between regional and international partners to combat terrorism within a holistic approach.

Over the past years, the Aqaba meetings featured similar discussions with heads and representatives of a number of states in East and West Africa, Southeast Asia and the Balkans, as well as senior officials from around the world.

HRH Crown Prince Hussein was sworn in as regent in the presence of cabinet members.

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