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Jerusalem of Palestine

[7/26/2018 5:28:24 AM]

AMMONNEWS - By Dr majed shami- A message to the peace loving citizens of the world, to all good arab citizens in general and the palestinian in diaspora in specific.

May 14th was a catastrofic day. it was a day unprecedented in the history of mankind, the move of the american embassy to Jerusalem in a challenging gesture by Donald trump not only to peace loving citizen of earth but challenging move to all his mighty God in the capital of his descended three religions.

In this regard, we have got to be united in the quest of good, to voice out loud and clear to all mankinds, all over the globe, that evil acts shall be confronted and agression shall cease to exist to make the world a better place to live.

it is our moral responsibility regardless of our gender, colors, religions, and nationalities to face the acts of those who are wiseless in favor of wiseness. it is the world responsibility to say their moral word to help save our planet earth from irrational decisions that might ignate the fire of hell on the face of earth. the time is right for world nations to say their just word that the holy land of jeruselim can never be the capital of the so called Isreal, as it was declared by the president of the united states Donald trump, rather, it is the capital of all those who love peace and tranquility, and it is the capital of heaven for all his mighty God descended his massengers on this blessed land, yet , it is the capital of its palestinian people and will be inherited for plestinian generations to come.

An unthoughtfull declaration made by a human error will not last forever because time will correct such an error made by the most powerfull man on the face of earth when he will become powerless. nevertheless, we have a morale responsibility towards that temperory most powerfull man on the face of earth to thank him from the bottom of our hearts for he unintentially united us in the quest of Jerusalem in specific and Palestine in wider sence, as well as arabs in general, as he helped us to through behind us our fabricated differences that ruined this part of the region for considrable time. More importently, thank you Mr president for you made us a great favor by bringing the Palestinian cause to the surface again after it was forgotten for so long. nevertheless, we have to thank the great american nation for their astonishment from Trump irrational declaration, this great nation that cant wait for Trump four presidential years to finish and take his declaration home with him as a souvenir. thank you again Mr president and in this regard we the peace loving people of earth in general and the palestinian people in specific advise you to have enough courage to say to yourself (no to violent declaratiion and yes to repeal it and replace it with more wiser declaration.

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