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Was an ancient Egyptian ‘warrior woman’ statue spotted on Mars?

[4/30/2018 3:53:16 PM]

AMMONNEWS - An image of a rock resembling an ancient Egyptian woman warrior statue has been captured by the revolutionary Curiosity rover of NASA.

A video shared on YouTube earlier this month purportedly shows an unusual formation resembling a head of a statue of a warrior woman, similar to those from Ancient Egypt, reports have said.

The image sparked a debate on whether an extraterrestrial creature once roamed the red planet.

Joe White, 45, a space video journalist from Bristol, said: “I have found what seems to be a small feminine looking statue head on Mars in Gale Crater in this recent Curiosity Rover image from NASA.

Carved depiction
“Only a few inches in size or less”.

“It resembles a carved depiction of a female warrior wearing a helmet similar to some found on Earth from the middle ages. It has a possible emblem on the forehead and some very interesting facial features that look almost Egyptian in artistic style,” Joe said.

White runs the Art AlienTV Youtube channel, which posted the video earlier this month. “This is one of hundreds of similar artefacts that I have found on Mars in recent years and may go further to show that there was an ancient and artistic civilization on Mars in the past,” he was quoted as saying.

NASA has been sharing pictures from the Curiosity rover over the last few years, and rock formations on the Red Planet have kept the internet buzzing, triggering debates on the possibility that civilization may have existed on Mars.

*Al Arabiya

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