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Momani: Jordan-U.S. relations strategic, historic

[4/29/2018 4:29:47 PM]

AMMONNEWS - State Minister for Media Affairs Mohammed Momani on Sunday described the Jordan-U.S. relations as historic and strategic, noting that both countries maintain close coordination on many issues.

Commenting on U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, visit to Jordan, Momani said the visit aims to discuss issues of common concern, bilateral ties and regional issues, particularly peacemaking efforts, Syria and the war on terror among others.

Momani also highly valued the military and security cooperation between Jordan and the United States, as well as the economic and military assistance extended by the U.S. to the Kingdom.

Speaking on the Brussels conference, Momani stressed the need for the international community to support the Syrian refugees in the host countries.

He said that the Brussels conference is a continuation of the conferences that began with the London conference, which was followed by a number of subsequent conferences and meetings focusing on the Syrian crisis and the future of Syria.

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