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Gov't economic team concludes stimulus plan update

[4/3/2018 3:24:27 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The government's economic team has completed the review and update of the economic growth stimulus plan for the years 2018-2022.

The team began reviewing the plan last February in a comprehensive manner with all ministries and institutions concerned, after the government had adopted it in mid-2017, as the expected expenditure values and costs of some projects have been updated according to their actual expenditure needs.

Projects, included in the plan, will be subject to a semi-annual update according to funding needs. The government achievement unit team, at the Prime Ministry, will conduct updates and publish them on the economic growth stimulus plan's website.

The plan was prepared by the Economic Policy Council last year, and will be implemented over five years 2018-2022 with the aim of doubling growth rates by 2022 from their current modest levels. This plan is set to be a road map that focuses on efforts and programs of ministries and institutions concerned towards this important objective.

The plan will be a continuous project, as discussions will be held with all relevant sectors in order to develop the plan and implement it to keep pace with new developments and include new projects and programs to contribute to achieving the objectives of the plan in the coming years.

Comments, questions and inquiries about the plan, will also be received on the plan's website and ministers, officials concerned and the supporting government team will answer them as of this month.

The updated plan included a comprehensive and accurate review and update on the financial values of some projects and the expected expenditure according to the executive procedures and the time periods adopted at the level of projects and interventions to be implemented by ministries and government institutions.

The update, which was posted on the website, included details of interventions and projects, to be carried out during the review process, in both the industry sector and the micro, small and medium enterprises sector.

In this update, the associated expenditure on investment and expected funding was also determined and separated from those associated with government capital expenditure in a more clear manner.

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