Police nabbed two Arab nationals over robbing $100 thousand | Jordan News | Ammon News

Police nabbed two Arab nationals over robbing $100 thousand

[3/15/2018 7:35:08 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The criminal investigation crews nabbed two Arab nationals as they tried to leave the country after they stole $100 thousand from a vehicle downtown Amman.

An Arab national alerted police earlier Wednesday that his car was smashed and $100 thousand were stolen after he collected the sum of money from an exchange center, according to a press release issued by the Public Security Department (PSD) on Thursday.

Two suspects of Arab nationality were identified in the robbery, and had plans to leave the country through Queen Alia International Airport. The security crews apprehended the suspects prior to their departure and seized $66 thousand of the stolen cash, it explained.

During investigation, the two suspects confessed their offence in accomplice with a third person of Arab nationality still at large and efforts are underway to put him into custody, it affirmed.

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