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King meets parliament speaker, heads of blocs

[10/11/2017 10:41:16 AM]

AMMONNEWS - His Majesty King Abdullah II highlighted the important role that could be played by local councils in achieving development in governorates across the Kingdom and urged the government and the parliament to cooperate to support these councils.

During a meeting at Al Husseiniya Palace on Wednesday with speaker of the Lower House of Parliament and heads of parliamentary blocs, the King stressed the need to devise a strategy to develop the governorates as well as action plans that will be implemented based on each region's advantages and resources.

The King urged the ministers to carry out their duties in serving the country in a courageous, confident and responsible manner.

He said that the new income tax draft law should stiffen penalties on tax evasion which increases burdens on citizens.

"Jordanians are known for their generosity, and 25 percent of the budget goes to refugees, but for how long?," he added.

"The responsibility should be shouldered by all and there are those who gain benefits at the expense of the middle class and therefore, the law should be developed and penalties should be stiffened to prevent some from evading the responsibility," the King added.

His Majesty said that the main objective is to protect the middle class and low-income people when implementing financial and economic reforms.

He voiced hope that the economic stimulus plan and financial reform efforts next year will contribute to overcoming economic challenges as well as the repercussions of regional conditions.

His Majesty highlighted the need to create an investment-friendly environment and referred to the e-government scheme which is hoped to address administrative gridlock and improve services provided to citizens and investors alike.

The King thanked the Lower House of endorsing a package of important legislation, especially those pertaining to the judiciary development. He called for closer government-parliament coordination and cooperation.

Speaking on a recent incident in Irbid involving police officers and a citizen, King Abdullah the incident was isolated and harms security agencies' efforts to apply the law, emphasizing that no one should be allowed to violate the law or citizens' rights.

He indicated that he was satisfied with the swift measures the Public Security Department took in this regard.

"The rule of law in society is based on the application of penalties, but the problem is that some call for abiding by the law and when it comes to relatives, things change," the King said.

Speaking on the Palestinian issue, His Majesty told the lawmakers that the U.S. administration was committed to pushing peacemaking efforts forward in the next months.

Regarding the Israeli embassy shooting incident, the King said the Israeli government must shoulder its responsibility and conduct a credible investigation to serve justice.

Turning to Syria, King Abdullah underscored the importance of the ceasefire agreement in southwestern and said the agreement was the fruit of a Jordanian effort that brought world powers together on the table in Amman.

Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament, Atef Tarawneh, said the legislature has a major role to play to address challenges facing the nation.

He emphasized that the house will always observe the King's directives to protect the middle class and low-income segments when debating and passing key legislation.

He stressed the need for an advanced tax law addressing evasion and dodging and a program to measure the government's collection of tax revenues.

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