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Momani : Jordan to continue delivery of humanitarian aid to Al-Rukban camp

[10/1/2017 12:41:20 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The government on Sunday emphasized that Jordan is continuing to play its leading humanitarian role towards displaced Syrians in Al-Rukban camp on northeastern border, and will continue to protect relief aid and ensure its delivery after being provided by UN agencies and other international organizations.

State Minister for Media Affairs Muhammad al-Momani dismissed as "inaccurate" and totally false reports by organizations and individuals that Jordan is responsible for the failure of the humanitarian aid to reach the camp. Al-Momani, who is also the Government Spokesman, said such reports are baseless as they were used by some parties within the context of repeated attempts to pressure Jordan to move the residents of Al-Rukban camp to Jordanian territory.

The minister stressed that Jordan "stands at the forefront in the international moral and humanitarian system, as it shoulders its responsibilities on behalf of the world and provides support, facilities and protection for humanitarian aid to be delivered to the camp.

He indicated that the camp is located inside Syrian territory, not in Jordan, which means that international organisations could deliver aid from inside Syria. Al-Momani further noted that the Jordanian government has set up a service center and provided protection for the access of aid and had written to UN representatives and humanitarian organizations that it was ready to secure aid, but the relevant logistical details were still under discussion with the concerned organizations.

For nearly seven years, the minister added, Jordan has been hosting about 1.5 million Syrian refugees, an enormous task that major countries and continents would stand helpless to handle, and that the Kingdom would not hamper the provision of humanitarian assistance to refugees on the border with Syria. However, the minister stressed that Jordan rejects any measures that threaten its security and stability.

Momani said that Jordan is constantly coordinating with international organizations to provide services to refugees and displaced persons, and warns against curtailing the resources of UN agencies and international organizations to carry out their tasks that will place new burdens on host countries.

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