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Jordan participates in World Journalists Conference in Korea

[4/13/2017 9:49:27 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Jordan participated in the World Journalists Conference (WJC) held in Seoul, South Korea from 2-8 April 2017, upon the invitation of the Journalists Association of Korea (JAK).

Around 100 journalists representing 55 countries gathered in Seoul to discuss the role of media in fighting terrorism, and efforts to build world peace.

The opening ceremony, which was held at the Press Center in Seoul, brought together more than 120 guests including Vice Culture Minister Song Soo-keun, now acting culture minister, Korea Press Foundation chief Kim Byung-ho and the JAK President Jung Kyu-sung.

JAK president started his speech saying that the event will enable participants to have close look at "Korea", the world's last divided country, adding that the theme of this year will let journalists think deeply about the media's role in fostering world peace and security.

The meeting this year will focus on the role of media in fostering global peace, especially during wars and crises, sung said, adding that last year, we have witnessed bloody terrorist attacks in about 45 countries including the Middle East and Europe, which posed a serious threat to the lives of the innocent.

He stressed that terrorism has become a trans-boundary phenomenon, and that reporters and the Journalism as a profession have become a target for the terrorist acts, which, he said, made JAK devote this year’s conference to discussing factors that threat global peace and exploring the role of mass media in combating terrorism and fostering peace.

Jordan representative to the conference, Safa Khasawneh from Jordan News Agency (Petra), said in her paper to the conference that although the Kingdom has always been branded as an "Oasis of Stability in the Region", but it faced and (in fact) is still facing major threats targeting its security, stability and economic welfare.

"All terrorist crimes did not only deter my country from fighting terrorists and foiling their evil attempts, but the Kingdom also announced it is an integral part of the "International Coalition Against Terrorism," Khasawneh added.

Khasawneh said that Jordan’s strategy in fighting terrorism is based on its belief that terrorist acts run counter to the religious values of civilized human ideologies, stressing that Islam is founded on compassion, justice and respect for human lives. In this regard, she added, that his Majesty King Abdullah II, launched the Amman Message on November 9, 2004 to clarify to the modern world the true nature of Islam which is based on moderation, freedom and forbids acts of injustice against its followers and all people as well.

"Media outlets mainly in the Arab world, should engage in initiatives and work hard to raise awareness among the public on how terrorist groups have nothing to do with Islam, she said, adding that His Majesty King Abdullah said that "misunderstanding" of Islam and the region among Western allies and communities has impeded progress in the anti-terror war and global cooperation "Journalists should play a pivotal role in fighting all types of extremism by raising awareness and uncovering terrorist groups and their evil plans. Journalists must also avoid publishing biased news or reports without sources and to be careful not to promote terrorists’ ideologies and acts, when covering their news," Khasawneh added.

She said the media should encourage coordinated efforts, programs and strategies across the world and at the national levels headed by key figures, intellectuals, religious leaders and opinion leaders to counter messages promoted by "terrorist" groups.

During their stay in Korea, JAK provided journalists with the opportunity to visit major cities and provinces in the country, including Suwon, Busan, Incheon as well as the venue for 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, which gave reporters a clear, deep and detailed understanding of Korea, its hi-tech development and culture.

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