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Health minister receives "Doctors Without Borders" report

[3/14/2017 3:00:40 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Health minister Mahmoud Sheyab said Tuesday during a meeting with Doctors Without Borders' head of mission in Jordan and Iraq Marc Schakal that the Kingdom had offered optimum service to Syrian refugees despite the tough economic conditions.

The minister said the influx of refugees had severely strained the Kingdom's health sector and stretched the ministry's hospitals and clinics to the limit, particularly in the north where the refugee population is larger.

He thanked international organisations for their support to Jordan in dealing with the huge challenge imposed by the refugee crisis, urging them to offer more aid "that rises to the level of challenge the Kingdom is facing in light of the extremely economic hard conditions".

Schakal handed the minister a report about his mission's activities in Jordan in 2016, in which he pointed to the non-governmental organisation's programmes and projects carried out by its hospitals and health centres. He commended the Kingdom's tremendous efforts at the various levels to deal with the refugee problem, particularly providing the best healthcare to the displaced Syrians.

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