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UJ mulls implementing online voting system in student union polls

[3/4/2017 3:53:29 PM]

AMMONNEWS - With the student union elections approaching, the University of Jordan (UJ) has issued a new set of regulations, with the possibility of implementing an online voting system to avoid any clashes between candidates, according to a UJ statement released Saturday.

In the statement, which was e-mailed to The Jordan Times, the university said it will adopt a new system for the student union, which is to be elected next month, to ensure the safety of students and the accuracy of results.

The voting procedure will require having specific seat numbers for each bloc or list and limit the number of bloc members to 15, under a minimum number of nine students from at least six different faculties.

The elections can be conducted during any semester and should not be restricted to only one semester, excluding the summer courses, the statement said.

The university’s council of deans also has the right to extend or dissolve the session of the current student union, in case of an emergency.

However, some students questioned the "reliability" of the new voting system, expressing concern that they will not be able to get the details of the results under the new procedure.

"The university’s elections should not be restricted to online platforms, as it is purely a student activity that increases the spirit of the team and endorses democracy,” Ahmad Rabih, a university student, said.

“In regular voting methods, we would know who has the highest voting base, but honestly, with the online voting system, we are not certain that the results would be reliable,” the third-year engineering student told The Jordan Times.

Meanwhile, voicing support for the move, some students urged other universities to follow the lead of UJ, explaining that such a procedure would “ensure a safer environment for students”.

Mohammad Gharaibeh, a second-year student, said the move would prevent clashes on campus.

“Given the previous clashes that happened in November, I believe it would be wise to implement an online platform for voting, especially since many students want to vote but are afraid to vote on campus.”

Student and activist Sarah Suleiman agreed, adding that “sometimes, strict measures should be taken to guarantee democracy”.

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