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The 440kg Pakistani Hulk who wants to add several more kilos

[1/12/2017 1:58:53 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Khan Baba, otherwise famed for being the Pakistani Hulk was once known as Khizar Hayat Khan. The 24 year old weighs 440 kilograms and he is over 6 feet tall.

His weight began to increase when he turned 18 years old. The Hulk wishes to increase his weight to become an international professional wrestler.

About his diet, Khan Baba stated that “I consume 10,000 calories daily. In one meal, I eat 2 kilograms of meat and chicken in addition to rice, bread, fruit and a liter of milk, and I want my weight to reach 500 kg, I can lift five thousand kilograms, and stop a tractor with one hand, I also exercise for three hours daily. "

Khan is a descended of a rich family who provided him all the means of comfort. Khan Baba loves watching free style wrestling competition shows and weight lifting since his young age. He is known for his sense of humor and trying out his muscle force on his companion and friends, which resulted in their injuries .Khan, was often subjected to embarrassing situations because of his figure.

Khan recalls some awkward souvenirs he lived as a child, saying, "One time, my father gave me a vehicle, and once I sat on the back seat, the rear axle broke, I was too shy, but my father laughed and took it lightly.”

*Al Arabiya

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