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First artificial rainmaking experiment in Jordan takes place today

[3/27/2016 2:01:14 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Jordan Sunday afternoon implements the first artificial rainmaking experiment using Thai technology over the catchment area of King Talal Dam, northern Jordan, to increase water levels in the reservoir, according the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD).

JMD Director Mohammad Samawi said in a press statement on Sunday that the experiment will be implemented in cooperation between the JMD and the Royal Jordanian Air Force using the CASA 295 plane.

A team of Jordanian and Thai experts determined today's first seeding sortie after analyzing weather data and a number of requirements relating to clouds, humidity and wind.

The artificial rain making method will be conducted when the CASA 295 plane will disperse environmentally friendly materials, such as Calcium chloride, dry ice and salt in addition to urea, over the Dam's area.

He explained that there are several ways of cloud seeding, however Jordan is seeking to benefit from the Thai experience, which is a leading country, and enjoys great potential and experience in this field.

The experiment is aimed at facing climate change challenges through finding creative and cheaper solutions to increase the amount of precipitation, which would be made possible by applying the artificial rain making method.

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