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Govt will not block porn sites

[4/27/2013 10:41:54 PM]

By Majed Al Dabbas

AMMONNEWS - The Jordanian government announced that it will not censor porn sites per the new communications law, but rather will offer an optional service to users.

A government source told Ammon News that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is finalizing the new communications law draft, which will be referred to the Bureau of Legislation and Opinion before presenting it to parliament for a endorsement.

The source added that the government will not directly censor porn sites or any other sites, "anyone who wishes has the right to visit such sites," the source said, adding that the government will request from service providers to offer a service to block the sites free of charge to users.

"Such free services are offered throughout the world, where the customer would request from service providers to block particular types of sites," the government official said.

The Jordanian government opted to leave blocking of sites to service providers per customers request, the source (who wished not to disclose his name), adding that the draft law is in its final stages before being referred to the Legislation Bureau for legal opinion and endorsement from parliament.

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