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Gov't reduces fuel prices for December

[11/29/2018 2:51:27 PM]

AMMONNEWS - A government's committee tasked with setting the monthly prices of fuel derivatives has decided to reduce prices for the month of November in the wake of a major decline in oil prices in international markets over the past month.

The committee meets at the end of each month and announce the prices for the next month. It announced in a statement released today that benzene prices (both 90 and 95 unleaded gasoline) will go down by 9 percent to JD0.75 and JOD0.96.5 a liter respectively.

Kerosene and solar were priced at JD0.605 per liter instead of JD0.625.

Regarding cooking gas, the panel said it maintained its price at JD7 a cylinder despite an increase of its international price to JD8.8, as a way to "ease off the burden on lower income households and in accordance with the local economic situation."

The monthly pricing mechanism included the selling price of natural gas to industries which amounted to JD7.45 per million British thermal Units (Btu).

The selling price of natural gas produced from Risha Gas Plant was determined at JD4 per million Btu.

According to the statement, local prices of benzene, diesel, and kerosene remain unchanged since August 1 of this year.

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