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Gov't seeks meaningful dialogue on income tax: Muasher

[7/4/2018 3:54:27 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State, Rajai Muasher, said the government is seeking a meaningful dialogue with all economic figures and community institutions on the draft income tax law, in accordance with the Royal Letter of Designation.

During a panel discussion organized by the Amman Chamber of Industry on Wednesday, Muasher said the Royal Letter of Designation stated that developing the draft income tax law is a step towards a new economic and social approach, which leads to achieving growth and justice.

He added that the government is seeking to reach a new economic approach in order to achieve growth and equality in distributing the tax burden via a new draft law that is clear and acceptable to all segments of society.

The income tax bill will introduce a new tax system and then the government will start discussing other laws to reach a fair distribution of tax, the Deputy Prime Minister noted.

He stressed that the government will examine impacts, whether political, economic or social, before approving a new draft law on income tax.

Minister of Finance, Ezzedine Kanakrieh, said amending the income tax law is part of the financial reform program that the government is working on.

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