Jordan understands Syrian people suffering but can't take in more refugees | Gotcha | Ammon News

Jordan understands Syrian people suffering but can't take in more refugees

[6/29/2018 5:29:55 PM]

AMMONNEWS - State Minister for Media Affairs and Government Spokesperson, Jumana Ghunimat, on Friday said that demanding Jordan to open its borders to new Syrian refugees is something the Kingdom can’t respond to, adding that Jordan fully understands the difficult humanitarian situation in southern Syria and is aware of the extent of suffering, pain and dangers, which afflict the Syrian brothers.

She said that Jordan welcomes any agreement to bring calm and protect the lives of civilians, especially children and women, pointing out efforts have been non-stop with all parties to halt the military escalation.

She stressed that Jordan welcomes any solution that would stop the bloodshed and the displacement of more Syrian civilians.

The minister said that Jordan calls on world powers, the international community and relief organizations to play their role in assisting and protecting the Syrian brothers and provide a formula that protects them and protects the interests of Jordan.

Jordan hopes that the United Nations will take practical steps to help displaced people and provide them with their living needs, especially in the provision of water, food and medical supplies, she added.

She emphasized that Jordan's efforts are ongoing with all parties to call for a cessation of violence in southern Syria, pointing out that the Kingdom is ready to help the Syrian brothers inside Syria.

Ghunimat said was surprised that some parties blame the human tragedy suffered by the brothers in Syria on the Kingdom, noting that the decision to stop the violence and killing is necessary and everyone should move in this direction.

She added that Jordan's limited resources and its suffocating financial crisis cant withstand the burden of receiving more Syrian refugees, but , she said, the Kingdom is fully prepared to cooperate with the United Nations to play its role without opening the border.

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