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Protesters in governorates call for dissolving newly-elected parliament

[2/8/2013 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Pro-reform protests erupted on Friday in the southern governorate of Karak, and northern governorates of Irbid and Jerash, with activists calling for the dissolution of the newly-elected 17th Parliament, blasting the electoral law that brought MPs to the Dome.

Three protests were held in the southern governorate of Karak, in Southern Mazar, Karak city, and the town of Sarfa, following Friday midday prayers.

The protesters stressed that the Jordanian people called for a modern and democratic electoral law, but instead the parliamentary elections were held under a law that does not live to the aspirations of the people, according to their expression.

"It is a parliament full of corruption and fraud, many MPs reached the Dome through rigged elections," a speaker at the protest in Karak said.

Protesters also called for sacking the government of Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour, and forming a salvation government that would put the political process in the country on the correct path.

The demonstration in Karak was organized by the Islamist movement, with speakers Othman Qarallah and Jihad Sarayrah blasting the regime and accusing it of "not having genuine intent for comprehensive national reform."

Protesters stressed that they will continue demonstrating until the regime "listens to people's will."

Qarallah said during the protest that two years after the breakout of protests in Jordan, the country has not moved forward "but rather is moving from one state of stalemate to another."

Protesters expressed dismay at the state of endemic corruption, according to their expression, "and it is still ongoing."

Another protest was held in Southern Mazar, organized by the "Arab Committees for Salvation," under the banner of "Friday of Change."

Speakers at the protest, Radwan Nawayseh, Hekmat Qatawneh, and Hekmat Nawayseh, stressed four demands, including forming a national salvation government, a "People's Council," rejecting dialogue with the government, and carrying out popular trials for corrupt officials.

In the town of Sarfa, pro-reform movements renewed the protest on Friday, stressing their continued activism "amidst successive governments and false promises from officials to actualize reform."

They cited the poor services in the town, including deteriorating infrastructure and lack of job opportunities for unemployed youth.

"Poverty is deadly," the youth protesters chanted, "we did not steal or embezzle, none of us reached positions in the state, despite the availability of expertise and capabilities."

Pro-Reform Protest in Irbid against Government, Parliament

In the northern Governorate of Irbid, popular and youth movements along with the Muslim Brotherhood held a demonstration marching in the main road in central Irbid following Friday midday prayer, chanting slogans calling for dissolving the parliament and sacking the government.

The march, which started from the Hashemi Mosque towards Wasfi al-Tal Circle, witnessed speeches by speakers who considered the newly-elected parliament "a copy of the former parliament" and a product of the ill-reputed Single Non-Transferrable vote electoral law.

They called for sacking Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour's government and forming a national salvation government "that would be sincere in its efforts to implement political, economic, and social reforms, and hold corrupt officials accountable."

A similar protest was also held in Jerash governorate on Friday.

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