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PM: Elections will be held before the end of the year

[8/5/2012 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS-Prime Minister Fayez Tarawneh said that parliamentary elections will be held before the end of this year in line with the law and that no new amendments will be made to the elections law.

Tarawneh said in a statement to Jordan Television today that there were many speculations on the elections law that were raised by those who oppose the permanent law which was approved by the Parliament and the King and was published in the official gazette.

He said His Majesty called for taking the necessary measures to amend some articles particularly in relation to the national list to ensure wider public participation in the elections. Therefore, the number of House seats allocated for the national list was raised from 17 to 27.

This, he added, paved the way for the idea of voting for programs and not for people.

Tarawneh said that the presence of the Independent Elections Commission will ensure fair and transparent elections and will allow local and international observers to monitor all stages of the election process.

The premier said that the upcoming polls will be held in accordance with a permanent law for the first time in years, voicing hope that these elections will lead to parliamentary governments.

He said participation in the elections is a duty of all, adding that those who want reform should take part in these elections.


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