protesters storm Nuclear project's buildings in JUST | Jordan News | Ammon News

protesters storm Nuclear project's buildings in JUST

[7/14/2012 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Dozens of citizens in the northern city of Ramtha have
entered buildings inside Jordan University of Science and Technology's
Nuclear reactor.

The protestors breaking some buildings glass in the southern gate of
(JUST) , eye-witnesses told Ammon News.

weeks ago, a number of citizens in Ramtha sent a letter to South
Korea's embassy in Amman to voice their rejection of the country's
plans for building a nuclear reactor near the (JUST).

Jordan is supposed to announce the site of its first nuclear reactor
and the technology to be used in the reactor by the end of 2012.

Recently, a joint venture between Jordan Energy Resources Incorporated
and French nuclear giant Areva said it has discovered more than 20,000
tonnes of uranium in central of the kingdom.

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