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Circle Of secrets: Chapter Five

[6/20/2012 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS- Ammon English is sorry for the delay of publishing the book written by Abdullah Elqadri who is a Jordanian American, 17years old. we had published four chapters before but we were having slight technical issues, here is chapter five.

Circle of Secrets By: Abdullah Elqadri
Chapter Five

After an hour of silence, the limo finally stopped. When I stepped out of the limo, I couldn’t believe my eyes; I had to rub them twice. Their house, or the house that was supposedly mine, was huge. I walked forward, without looking back at the sisters. I noticed how enormous the yard was, I also saw the beautiful garden. When I looked back for a minute I noticed a huge gate with a guard. The house looked similar to the White House. In front of the house were two limos, and behind the limos were two Ferraris. Also I saw one Lamborghini, and these cars were just lined up in front of the house. I had no idea which one was mine, but I realized that I was losing myself over a huge house. I think a normal person would be excited, but to be honest I wasn’t, because money couldn’t bring my memoires back. I turned to notice Catherine next to me, offering her hand, which I took without thinking twice; who knows what would happen if I didn’t. When we walked past all the amazing things I was admiring, we started to talk.
“What do you think of your house Jack?” Catherine said leading me into the house.
“It’s just amazing,” I said, as she pulled my hand upstairs, passing pictures of her and her sisters.

“Yeah it is,” she said running up the stairs, the stairs were circular making me a little dizzy. “You need to see your room, also called the love room.” We finally stopped at the end of the staircase, and I noticed her take her shoes off before going any further; I did the same and I received a smile. I didn’t know what she was up to, or why that was the name of the room, and it was my room. Incredible, she wants me in bed for the first time in forever. Without any hints she grabbed my hand and pulled me again, but this time she didn’t run because she reached a room that was a little past the stairs and I was pulled in.

When I regained my balance, I noticed why she called it the love room, everything in this room was red, and also the bed was heart shaped. I had no idea what I was supposed to do, but I had to speak. “Now I understand why it’s called the love room,” I said as I gave her a smile. When I spoke, she only gave me a smile and jumped on the heart-shaped bed, she then turned to me and let her index fingers tell me to come closer. Without thinking, I walked to her and she went onto her knees pulling me by my suit closer to her lips, then she kissed me. I felt something strong between us, I actually had feelings for her, but all of a sudden Catherine let go, and she laid down on the bed, and as I was about to ask what was wrong, she spoke. “I am sorry,” she said, telling me to sit down. “This isn’t right, I can’t do this to you without you knowing the truth,” she admitted.

I didn’t know this would stop because of my memory issues, but I was glad it did, because if anything happened between me and her I wouldn’t forgive myself, because my main goal was to find out everything she knew about me, so I had to take her offer and sit down. I sat down and put my hand on her knee. “Its okay, I understand, I want to know everything before we go any further, because I am so confused,” I admitted, as I stared at her understanding smile.
“I’ll tell you about us, if you do me a favor.” She offered.
“Really, what’s that?” I curiously asked, afraid of what her favor might be.
“You might not remember this, but you used to like to give me foot massages, so you give me a foot massage and I will tell you everything you need to know,” she bargained and winked at me. I really didn’t have any other choice but to agree. If she only wanted a foot massage for information about my past then so be it, I’d do anything, even though that sounded desperate. As I sat there and rubbed her feet, I waited until she spoke, but she was enjoying it a little too much so I had to say something. “Hey Catherine! As much as I love giving you a massage, or as you say I do, can you start talking about whatever you wanted to tell me?” I said, trying to get her attention.
Catherine finally spoke. “Oh, I am sorry, alright don’t worry I’ll tell you,” she said as she put her other foot in my hands. “When we first met you and I were only 15, and—”
“Wait, wait, why don’t you tell me how we got married and fell in love, since you told me we were married,” I interrupted.
My interruption made her angry with me, “Jack, all I ask you to do is give me a massage and let me tell you my story, so shut up, or else I will just let you sit there giving me a massage until I feel like telling you the truth.” I only nodded and gave her a smile, and I gave out a small laugh and went back to giving her a massage. “That’s much better, now where was I?” she asked herself and she started to think. As she was thinking, I was thinking. I was thinking that her stories aren’t going to be much help, even though she was always there, well that’s if she was my wife. “Oh yes, you were in ninth grade, and my best friend introduced you to me, I highly doubt you remember but, his name was Josh, and he was—”
“He was Victoria’s boyfriend?” I interrupted again, making her madder than before, she looked straight at me and then kicked me off the bed; she then got up and looked down at me and laughed. I laid there and sighed.
“I told you to listen to me and give me a massage that’s all I ask!” she screamed, all I did was laugh, got up and massaged her feet all over again and waited for her to continue her pointless stories. “Anyways, when we first met it was incredible we got along so fast, do you remember what you liked about me?” Before I could answer her she spoke again. “Oh that’s right you can’t remember anything yet,” she said pointing out the obvious. “You loved the way I smiled, which I thought was really sweet, you also thought I was the most beautiful girl your eyes had laid on,” she said happily. “But, I guess it doesn’t matter now, since you’ve forgotten everything we had together,” she said softly wiping a tear away.

Out of nowhere, Vanessa walked in the room interrupting our conversation giving me a weird look then spoke. “Um, James is on the phone,” she nervously said. Catherine’s reaction was quick; she pulled her foot away from me and went to answer the phone leaving me with my own thoughts. I remember Sam telling me something about James, but I didn’t think my former best friend and my former wife would be talking, I guess I still had a lot to learn about my past. I slowly got off my bed and went near the door and tried to listen to their conversation.

All I was able to hear was Victoria talking, “Hey James, how are you, and it’s been a long time.” I wish I was able to hear what James was saying, but after a few minutes I heard her footsteps, so I quickly sat on the bed as if she told a dog to stay. I couldn’t let her know I was trying to eavesdrop. Even though I heard her come, I quickly looked at the direction of the window trying to act normal. After a few seconds I jumped from a poke; it was Catherine. Without thinking, I tickled her, making her laugh.
As much as I was having fun I had to mention James. “By the way James is that model right?” I asked.
She stopped poking me. “Yeah, well I am glad you knew that, he was your best friend,” she said in joy.
“Yeah, I heard,” I said.
“Right, you did, anyways you need to sleep,” she insisted and kissed me on the forehead, before she closed the door she said, “You have an important day tomorrow.” As I lay on my bed, I hoped I wouldn’t have to think so much again, I tend to think a lot when I am nervous or confused. So I thought a little bit about tomorrow, what was so important that I had to sleep at midnight? I am not Cinderella, but I was tired anyways.

I slowly opened my eyes, and gave a quick stretch, and when my eyes fully opened, I was stunned. My so-called wife was staring at me as I was sleeping, “Holy shit,” I screeched, “what are you doing, don’t you understand people’s privacy?”
Ignoring me, she commanded, “Get up, get dressed and be quick about it, we have to go now were late.”

I quickly got up, “Gee, I am sorry,” I said sarcastically. I quickly got off the heart-shaped bed, and quickly picked out a black shirt and black pants from the nearest closet, they managed to fit me, also some nice shoes I found in my former closet. I honestly had no idea if I should be calling them ‘my’ closet or ‘my’ bed just yet because no matter how big and amazing this house is I couldn’t just say it was mine without finding out the truth. Worrying about Catherine’s feelings I ran towards my door, it swung open and hit me in the head.
“I am so sorry,” Catherine said laughing, “are you okay, oh and we still have to go,” she reminded me as she rubbed my forehead.
“You sure you don’t want me dead?” I asked.
“Oh don’t be silly, it was an accident,” she said, as she and her sisters helped me up.
“Thank you,” I said politely.
“No problem,” the three of them said. As we walked through the door correctly this time, I noticed that Melinda had the same suitcase with her, and yet again I had no idea where were going; as usual I was always notified last, it wasn’t not bad enough that her sisters pretended I was not even here, and that I had to deal with my memory loss alone since I didn’t know if Catherine is telling the truth, and most of all I was still wondering what happened to Sam and Victoria. I was still worried about them; I couldn’t believe I was acting all calm about this. I couldn’t believe I had forgotten that Catherine and her sisters kidnapped me and hurt my friends by tying them up, I couldn’t help but think that this was all my fault. Without noticing I reached the limo. I guess when I am lost in thought I end up in places; I better be careful how much I lose myself in my own thoughts.
Before entering the limo I felt a hand on my shoulder, “Oh I am sorry, I forgot to tell you, we’re going to Hollywood,” Catherine said, and then sat in the limo before me. I felt better that I knew where we were going but then I realized we were going all the way to Hollywood.
“Why the hell are we going there?” I asked, sitting next to Catherine.
Catherine laughed at my question, “Don’t you remember your best friend James?” she asked smiling.
“Yeah, so?” I asked.
“We are going to go see him,” she said.
“Really, that’s cool,” I said, but honestly I was excited; I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen my best friend, or even a man. I had been around a lot of attractive woman lately, even though that is not a bad thing at all, but sometimes a man needs a guy’s night out.
“Did you lose your memory again in the past day?” she said out of nowhere.
“What, maybe I did since I was just hit by a door,” I mumbled.
“What was that, darling?” she stared at me.
“Oh, it’s nothing dear,” I mocked. “Wait, are we driving all the way there?”
“Yes, its only two thousand miles away, just sleep,” Vanessa insisted.
“Well if you’re so smart, how many days will it take to get there in a limo?” I challenged her.
“You were always silly Jack. It would take one day and seventeen hours,” she calmly said.
“Fine, I’ll sleep.” Without thinking of Catherine’s reaction, I put my head down on her lap, she then put her hand on my head, and I glimpsed at her smile. I was happy she didn’t mind, and that she was happy. I thought I should take this as an advantage to ask her about the suitcase, even though I was afraid it probably had a gun in there they would pull out and shoot if I asked. God, I needed to stop letting my imagination run, especially about my death; the last thing I want is to keep thinking of how I am going to die. “Hey Catherine,” I whispered.
“What’s wrong Jack?” she whispered back.
“Can I ask you a question?” I asked, whispering.
“Sure anything you want,” she said smiling.
“What is in that suitcase you guys are carrying around the whole time?” I quickly asked.
I sat up, and looked at Catherine, she wasn’t too happy. I asked, “It’s nothing, it’s just—”
“It’s just that isn’t your business, Melinda snapped at me.
“Hey Melinda, what is wrong with you?” Catherine asked.
“Nothing, can we just drop the subject about the suitcase?” Melinda said from the front seat, staring at Catherine.
“Fine,” she said, then turned to me and whispered, “Sometimes my sisters get a little mad at me, I am sorry there are things I can’t tell you.”
“I understand,” I lied, I didn’t understand at all, how come my own wife couldn’t even tell me what’s going on?
“Good, if you want you can go back to sleep, I don’t mind,” Catherine kindly offered. I nodded and put my head on her lap again and allowed her to put her hand on my head, and then she whispered to me, “I love you, but there are things I must do, and things I have to keep from you, but my love for you is still strong.”

*Chapter Six coming soon

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