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Top 100 Jordanian figures deplore government silence

[6/13/2012 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS- - Jordanian figures condemned the silence of their government, about what is going on its northern border, where "it did not issue any statement condemning the massacres and suffering ,as a sign of solidarity with the victims and displaced persons."

A statement signed by the Top 100 Jordanian figures says "The Syrian regime goes on to kill more people ,who are demanding freedom, dignity and justice. Here is the regime of Bashar al-Assad ,who committed massacres after the other, after the deaths of more than 15 thousand Syrians and the displacement of hundreds of thousands, the regime continues the killing by committing Hula massacre, followed by Alqabir massacre, and Dara massacre.

"The statement added, "We ,who undersigned the statement , intellectuals and politicians, journalists and activists, condemn and deplore the violence and intensity of these brutal massacres that kill innocent children and the elderly, and women, and we see that the regime who commits these crimes in collaborating with the perpetrators ,is a regime without political legitimacy and legality ".

The statement demanded the government to expel the Syrian ambassador from Amman, and retain the Jordanian ambassador from Damascus, and not to close the borders for refugees, and allow them to enter Jordan to escape the murder, prosecution and detention.

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