"Burqu Lodge" eco-key tourism in Jordanian Badiah

31-01-2024 12:26 PM
Eman Safouri

Ecotourism has emerged as a sustainable and responsible means of exploring and appreciating the natural wonders of our planet. One such destination that offers an exceptional ecotourism experience is Jordan Badiah. With its diverse landscapes, rich biodiversity, and cultural heritage, this region presents an ideal opportunity for travellers seeking an immersive and environmentally friendly adventure.

The concept of ecotourism revolves around minimising the negative impact on the environment while promoting conservation efforts and supporting local communities. In the Eastern Desert of Jordan, visitors can witness firsthand how these principles are put into practice. .

Burqu Lodge, one of the prominent names that stands out amidst the stunning nature, is a prime example of sustainable tourism at its finest. "Burqu Lodge," which was established within the framework of the Royal Initiatives Projects, is located in the Burqu' Reserve in north-eastern Badia, within the border of Mafraq governorate. The development of the lodge was part of the plan to develop ecotourism facilities in the nature reserves with a view to promoting the reality of ecotourism in the eastern Sahara as a means of attracting more visitors to these reserves, thus contributing to greater economic and social benefits for communities and increased employment opportunities. Visiting Burqu Nature Reserve involves experiencing the beauty of the Eastern Sahara and nomadic life.

What sets Burqu Lodge apart is its dedication to responsible tourism practices in perfect harmony and the fact that it employs local staff who are well-versed in sustainable practices. On the banks of the lodge lie Qasr al-Burqu and Burqu Water Dam. The region is also considered a safe haven for many migratory birds.

Burqu Lodge offers guided trails, Jeep safari 4x4 tours, and breathtaking views of Jordan's wilderness. Guests can explore ancient rock art sites and basalt stones, witness sunrises, and relax in eco-friendly accommodation. Burqu Lodge contributes to preserving the ecosystem for future generations, making it a memorable and sustainable experience.

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