Al-Aqsa Flood

07-11-2023 03:14 PM

Ammon News - By: Duraid Al-Muheisen- Hamas and the resistance factions carried out a military operation simultaneously via air, sea and land.
It was called the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation. This operation was planned with a high level of precision, professionalism, and secrecy, misleading and deceiving the enemy, and adopting the method of surprise against the enemy, so that Saturday coincided with the enemy’s Day of Atonement, which is an unexpected day for the enemy.

Military sites, airports, and fortifications were struck, and five thousand missiles were fired at enemy targets in the first twenty minutes of the start of the operation in order to disperse enemy surveillance. Hundreds of resistance factions infiltrated the settlements around the Gaza Strip and carried out street warfare against the occupation soldiers.

A number of high-ranking generals were taken prisoner, such that Israel is ashamed to mention their names. In addition, a number of prisoners ranges from 200-250 soldiers.

Israel has fallen with a fatal blow and the image of its invincible army has been shaken and its nose is stuck in the dirt, despite its army being supported by military aid of no less than $3 billion, and on top of that it has bomber and fighter planes such as the F-15, F-16 and the F-35 Stealth, in addition to iron domes and hundreds of Merkava tanks. Thousands of marches, and yet this legendary army was defeated by less than 800 Mujahideen from the Qassam Brigades.

The main reason is due to the failure of Israeli military intelligence and the failure of the defensive security system, as the army did not have sufficient forces around the Gaza envelope, and the occupation forces responded harshly by bombing and targeting buildings, mosques, churches and hospitals. The outcome of the aggression was large numbers of martyrs, despite the tragedies and massacres.

We see on television screens a man, woman, or child emerging from under the onslaught, his home having been destroyed, saying that everything he offered was a sacrifice for the resistance, and Al-Aqsa. Here is the true force, and here is the people whose greatness, strength, and steadfastness are incapable of being expressed by words or words.

Greetings, all greetings to the legendary people, the people who have no equal in this world, to the people of Gaza and the people of Gaza. A question arises: why is this operation not taught in military institutes and schools, because the one who planned this operation has a thinking and creative mind and is familiar with military plans and maneuvers, foresight, and the use of methods of deception and misleading? Surprisingly, there is also the use of electronic jamming.

In conclusion, we have mercy on the martyrs, children, women and elders of Gaza, and we hope to God for immediate victory.

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