Queen: 'We need more engagement that is rooted in optimism and hope rather than fear'

21-09-2023 11:52 AM

Ammon News - Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah said, “Our world is at an inflection point, and it seems as like polarization is really a defining feature of our world."

"When you see everything through a political lens it becomes very difficult to come together over any issue," Her Majesty added during an interview with The Today Show broadcast on NBC New York.

The Irony is that the issues that we are facing today, from climate change to migration to inequality, those all need solutions that come from collaboration, so if we are not talking to one another we are not going to be able to find resolution to some of these issues," Queen continued.

"I just feel like we need more engagement that is rooted in optimism and hope rather than fear, and there is this wave of populism around the world that is using people's fears and insecurities for leaders to gain popularity," Her Majesty pointed, adding that we need to focus more not on the why for example when it comes to climate change but on the how do we find solutions.

"I think to be a strong leader you need to follow the great movements that actually lead to people's engagement and lead to participation that leads to change, and you have to have some self-doubt," Her Majesty stated.

"What we are seeing today is so much, I called it certainty on steroids where you are not questioning yourself and you think that your opinion is right, I think we could all benefit when confronted with an opinion that differs from ours and just maybe replacing divisiveness with curiosity, because you could learn something new," the queen said

"The frightened thing in our world today is that middle ground seems to be disappearing, we need to regain that middle ground because that is where change is going to be happen," Her Majesty said.

The broadcaster showed a video clip of His Highness Prince Hashem when he was 4 months old, while Her Majesty was also previously hosting the same program.

It is scary how time flies, as parents I think that it is our job to take care of our kids until they are old enough to go out into the world, but it does not make it easy when that day comes, she noted.

"In the span of three months from the end of March to the beginning of June I had two children get married and two graduated," she added.

"It is just a wave of motions, with Iman when it was a new experience for our family because she is the first one to get married, and there were so much planning and anticipation culminated in a really beautiful and emotional day, nothing can prepare you to the moment you see your daughter in that white dress, a mixture of emotions, pride at the strong and independent woman she is become, joy for her joy, sadness for her leaving home, it all comes together and nothing can prepare you for that."

Her Majesty insisted, "I do not think that you can completely fight the trend of children using cell phones, because that is where children are, that is where the world is, technology is all around us, but you need to regulate it, and I think it is more about the values that you instill in your kids about themselves, self confident and discipline."

"Just before my son announces engagement, I took Rajwa to a side and told her that there is no such thing as a hundred percent approval rating, you are always going to have people that are against you and the advice that I want to give you is try not to read the comments, because you just going to have self-doubt, always going to be negativity, it is not from you, it is from the person that unhappy in own life, so do not carry that unhappiness, just keep focusing on what you want to do, because it will shake your confidence, you think it is not going to affect your morale but it does," Her Majesty told the broadcaster.

"You just need to develop healthy habits around technology and that is what you try to teach you kids, not to stay away necessarily from their phones but to interact with them in a healthy way and to always establish that balance," she urged.

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