Unemployment and Social Peace

12-08-2023 04:07 PM
Prof. Dr. Younes Megdadi

Global economy has been witnessing, since decades ago, a great challenge with what is called unemployment, as a result of several factors combined and its transformation from a state to a phenomenon that has spread in the world’s societies, and thus worried everyone and at various levels, individuals, societies, and even decision-makers without preventing the treatment of this growing phenomenon, which has begun to ravage the economic body with its consequences. For all countries of the world, not to mention the successive damage to the lives of individuals and their social, economic, livelihood and even psychological future, given that the individual person is governed by dreams, aspirations and feelings that crystallize his future aspirations, but unfortunately they have become a burden on him. counts.

The issue of unemployment has been dealt with repeatedly and at various levels without reaching radical solutions. Rather, this phenomenon is still exhausting the thinking and future of generations with a clear increase in the size of unemployment, especially in the societies of developing countries and for reasons known to all, and this leads us to conclude that the specter of unemployment has become one of the challenges the age, indeed, will keep everyone in the box of backwardness and away from what is called sustainable development, which requires a review of the economic structure and its arms in order to reach a translatable future vision through strategic economic plans capable of melting this disturbing and wasting phenomenon of the energies of young people in particular, as they are the most harmful group.

Many specialists in economic affairs have talked about this phenomenon and its causes, which mostly revolved around how to restructure the labor market in its various sectors, and structuring education with its various levels and educational and scientific path, considering educational institutions the only source of qualified graduates, and commitment to the system of early retirement and old age to give a large space opportunities for others, limiting expatriate workers, employment based on efficiency, orientation towards entrepreneurial projects and how to support them, raising the minimum wage at rates compatible with inflation rates, and other related propositions as solutions aimed at reducing unemployment. Accordingly, we may agree to a large extent with these propositions as solutions that contribute to addressing unemployment, but we find from their speech that there is agreement that unemployment was a result of weakness in the inputs of strategic economic plans, as it is the basis for drawing economic paths for all sectors, with reference to the absence of radical solutions and a clear increase in the size of Unemployment, not to mention its consequences in harassing social peace in one way or another, with the high costs of the consequences of unemployment and its burden to the state treasury.

Accordingly, we believe that reducing unemployment rate requires great efforts, including, for example, a review of the inputs of many economic policies, strategic plans and programs, with a focus on agile policies to encourage local and international investment to absorb the largest number of local workers, and structuring education at all levels and specializations in accordance with the needs of the labor market in quantity and quality within controlling policies that control the inputs and outputs of educational institutions, while ensuring the educational programs that are most needed and stopping stagnant programs completely, and following the employment policy according to the size of the investor’s capital and not according to the size of the institutions or their institutional classification in the private sector for its ability to absorb the largest possible local number of workers, especially in vital economic sectors, doubling support allocations for small and entrepreneurial projects, and changing the culture of defect in some professions, and remote employment legislation to preserve the rights of workers which in their entirety may be among the keys to mitigating the inflation of this disturbing phenomenon.

The issue of unemployment has become a preoccupation for everyone, and therefore we do not know the fate of this phenomenon in the absence of effective solutions to contribute to addressing it to work to revive the wheel of the economy for the enjoyment of all and protect society and youth in particular and within future aspirations of prosperity, economic stability and social and psychological peace for all in harmony with the aspirations of His Majesty the Hashemite King Abdullah, the great son of Al-Hussein, and his trustworthy crown prince, may God protect and preserve them.

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