Israel must help Jordan for its own security's sake

[24-10-2021 02:40 PM]

Ammon News - BY Amos Gilad

Jordan grants Israel a strategic edge in a fight against Iran's entrenchment in the region and the comfortable reality of a quiet border; therefore, providing assistance to Hashemite Kingdom is vital.

Lately, there has been some controversy surrounding Israel's decision to double the water supply to neighboring Jordan. And the reason, which is quite convincing, is that Jordan is getting too close to Iran, Israel's sworn enemy, making it unwise to provide it with water. Jordan is one of the world's most water-deficient countries, so would it be the right approach for Israel to refuse to lend a helping hand to its neighbor?

The Hashemite Kingdom, under the auspices of the historic peace agreement between the two countries, grants Israel a strategic edge on the Iraqi border. Let us picture a flight eastbound from Ben Gurion Airport, which includes the area of the West Bank, the Jordan River, Jordan's capital of Amman and the desert that stretches all the way to the Iraqi border.

All this space has tremendous importance, and up until 1967 - when Israel conquered the West Bank from Jordanian hands - this area was an easy operating space to plot military or terror assaults against Israel.

If the long border between Israel and Jordan was under the responsibility of the Jewish state alone, would demand a vast amount of resources and manpower, costing billions. Instead, Israel enjoys the comfortable reality of a quiet border with Jordan, without any terror attacks or hostile military maneuvers.

Iran, meanwhile, is keen on expanding the front from Lebanon to Syria and from Syria to Jordan. Just imagine pro-Iranian militias being deployed tens of kilometers from Jerusalem. Instead, Jordan and its security and intelligence forces allow Israel to enjoy a convenient strategic reality that saves a great amount of resources and lives.
The security cooperation between the two countries is significant for security of the Israeli public and its communities, and that alone is enough to encourage allocation of aid to Jordan. The Hashemite Kingdom is also a pillar in the fabric of special security relations between Israel and other Arab states - some of which were enemies and became partners.

Jordan, based on its characteristics, could easily turn into a terror hotbed - which Iran would gladly take control of - if the government there was to collapse. As a result, the country would become a threat to the stability in the Middle East, and harm Israel's ability to cope with its main threat - the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Overall, we don't have to believe all the fake news about Iran's nuclear program. According to the perfectly clear data, Iran is heading toward a nuclear weapon and the solution to it lies in the strength of the IDF. But strength alone won't be enough. Therefore, assistance to Jordan that includes water, gas, economic aid, and everything possible would give Israel a strategic edge against Iran.

Stronger relations between Israel and Jordan will result in greater chances for Jordan's stability, and Israel needs to prioritize it. Luckily, the current government understands it well and it is the basis of many of its policies.


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