A Reminder of Overlooked Ongoing Contributions of Al- Hussein Society Jordan Center for Training and Inclusion

[25-04-2020 10:48 AM]

Ammon News - AMMONNEWS - By Madeleine Mezagopian - COVID-19 is currently the number one priority for the majority of countries around the world, including Jordan. Self-isolation and lockdown have become the norm for many, which has prompted experts to innovate ways by which the negative impact of this unusual lifestyle can be reduced or alleviated.

Amid these unusual circumstances, one cannot but recall some vulnerable members of Jordan’s society whose lives have not been altered by the lockdown, and who have led the same secluded lifestyle even before the outbreak. One institution, however, did not require a pandemic to address the sufferings and the hardships endured by these individuals. The institution in question keeps a low profile and operates on a very tight budget, but is staffed by a highly proficient and devoted team.

One decade ago, Al-Hussein Society Jordan Center for Training and Inclusion (Al-Hussein Society) introduced a special class for pre-school rehabilitation to enhance the pre-school skills of children with physical and intellectual challenges and prepare them for enrollment at mainstream schools. Within its prevention approach with emphasis on psycho-social skills, these classes contribute to upgrading the intellectual skills of these children and increase the positive evaluation of their Intelligence Quality (IQ). The impact of this intervention is highly effective, with the majority graduating with a 70% increase in their IQ levels. Thus, many children who are unfairly stigmatized as mentally retarded and who suffer daily isolation, and along with their families, primarily mothers, are saved and comforted through this much needed humane intervention by Al-Hussein Society.

In the light of above mentioned, Al-Hussein Society has once again taken the initiative and launched a project to continue reducing barriers and promote inclusion.
These sacred endeavors remained unacknowledged and unappreciated till December, 2019, when an international non-governmental organization in Vienna rewarded these efforts of Al-Hussein Society as part of their Zero Project: “Innovative Intervention for All”. Thus, an occasion emerged reflecting the unique role of Al-Hussein Society in ending the hardships and the isolation of Jordan’s most vulnerable children and of their families. Consequently, Jordan as a country committed to enhancing the human security of its people was highlighted and promoted.

Ms. Anni Mezagopian, the Executive Director of Al-Hussein Society, who initiated the project and received the prize on behalf of Al-Hussein Society, stressed that Vienna’s international recognition of this innovative effort should be well invested. She recommends coordination among all the concerned in the Kingdom to introduce local Zero Project prize with clear selection standards to and reward local projects that correspond best to the yearly theme of the International Zero Project, thus best representing Jordan.

This said, it is a big disappointment to learn of the almost absent role of the local media in covering this event keeping in mind Al-Hussein Society has always been accessible by all those who are keen and genuine in supporting these efforts.
Al-Hussein Society continues to deliver its diverse services specially and with further devotion and determination under these difficult circumstances. But it continues to receive very modest support and sponsorship on both domestic and regional levels.
Many lessons are learned with the current lifestyle of the Jordanian society under COVID19, the main one being to regard COVID19 as a reminder of great albeit overlooked ongoing contributions of Al-Hussein Society Jordan Center for Training and Inclusion.

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