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27-08-2015 12:51 PM

AMMONNEWS -By By Abdulillah - It has not been long now since the new defacto President of the United States, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu who also formally holds the Primer Minsters office in Israel addressed the extraordinary joint session of US Congress, to relate to them the State of the Union of the Middle-East visa-via the Israeli position. Not only did this wondrous amazing feat produce more standing ovations than any other sitting United States president, it clearly denoted the defacto take-over of the freely elected Presidents role in the United States.

Both houses of Congress that supposedly represent the constituents of the United States basically gave away the rights of the people they represent, so they too can get the vast amounts of money doled over by AIPAC and other Jewish lobby groups.AIPAC; the same lobby which has for decadesbeen able to circumvent the Law of the Land to declare it a foreign lobby group. The US Justice Department tried several times to get it to register, however, it stopped after it became obvious to it that it had no backing by Congress to do so. Hypocrisy at its best like they say.

But let’s forget that hypocrisy for minute and concentrate on the ramifications of this defacto takeover. For instance where does one go see to discuss Middle-East regional or domestic issues; the Israeli Prime Minister’s residence in Tel Aviv or the White House? Yes it would seem funny to many that such a powerful nation as that of the United States, would allow itself to be ruled by an outside power.

For instance do the rulers of the Middle-East or elsewhere first have to visit the Prime Minsters office to get permission to talk regional issues with the United States? How about the US Military does it respond to calls by the Commander in Chief in Israel or the one who sits in the Oval Office. You may think this is conspiratorialto say.but I can assure you that every War fought in the Middle-East since 1948 has the fingerprints of the Israeli Prime Ministers on them. They may not have been the ones that actually penned or spoke, but they were the puppeteer and ventriloquist behind each speech and each action taken. Nothing went ahead without their permission first, and if it had, it was a rarity and not the rule.

Yet it seems that the wolf in sheep’s clothing has finally revealed itself, and it is clear to the world today, little can be accomplished by any sitting US President, in the Middle-East. AIPAC controls the US Presidents chair, and Congress, even to the point that it is so evident a mindless blind person listening and reading the many congressional resolutions written by the many already bought Senators and Congressman, by AIPAC is amazing. We have resolutions declaring Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, to providing and sharing military knowledge and bearing all the cost of methods to detect and destroy tunnel building. All written by AIPAC for each supported Congressman and Senator.

But even more ominous is the, fact that the defacto President can demand for and get the release of Johnathan Pollard an admitted and convicted spy for Israel, by simply telling the United States Executive office that not only can he thwart the Iran and the USA plus 5 peace treaty to curb Iran’s nuclear weapon program, but completely remove it from consideration in the House of Congress.

Today; they are debating it as if AIPAC had no control over the proceedings. It’s would be almost humorous if it were not so sad and dangerous, to see the Senators and Congress falling over each other to see who can please AIPAC the most.

Worse; are those running for the office of the Presidency; you have Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, and Donald “Duck” Trump, twisting themselves in pretzels and Stars of David trying to please AIPAC and Israel, because they know to get the presidency they must, short of sticking their heads into their rears, bend to its will.

To actually know how treacherous Johnathan Pollard was to his country would boggle the mind. This man not only provide Israel with so many highly secretive documents, it is recorded that had the documents been piled up they would encompass an area that it was approximately 6 feet x 6 feet by 10 feet , and that many documents provided were related not to Israeli concerns, but those of the USSR. These documents were then handed over to the USSR to allow for continued immigration of Russian Jews to Israel.

They evenhanded over how the US Navy tracked and surveilled USSR submarines at the time. They also got troves of Navy secretes on how to launch below water surface missiles from submarines, a feat not so easy to accomplish without years of development. They got it in days and in the 1980’s some 30 years ago.

Casper Weinberger the Defense secretary at the time wanted the death penalty, but could not request it due to the law of the land at the time that forbid the death penalty. Later in life he was to say he would agree to a Pollard release. How laughable is this? One day yours asking for the death penalty for someone who obviously deserved it, and a few years later you’re asking for clemency for him. I wonder how much money or favors he got of saying this.And one wonders why anyone would think that the US could be an impartial judge in Middle-East region, with so much hypocrisy.

Oh by the way, to those wonderful Arab rulers at the time, Israel got NSA and US Defense Department documents that allowed them to know how to collapse and thwart every Middle-East countries communications links. Yes we Arabs were as blind as those that today cannot see who runs whom in the United States. But alas; I think they knew all along but didn’t want to be known as ignorant. How could one not know or even suspect?

As for us in the Middle-East today, we need to bring forth and argue each and every hypocritical statement by the US, without fear, as this will be the only way the average American Joe can hear and see the ramifications from an Arab and Middle-East point of view. Not just an Israeli-centric point of view only.
Better yet, let’s get our act together and start working in line with each other… covering each other’s backs, and by all means let’s start thinking out of the box for a change and not be so afraid to do so. Our people are suffering and we must be able to deal with our own concerns.
God Bless Jordan and its People

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